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Radon and Lung Cancer - The Connection

and Lung Cancer – The Connection

even the heaviest of smokers, knows that cigarettes can cause lung
cancer. But not many people know that there’s a substance
called radon that’s the second-highest contributor to the
number of lung cancer deaths. Radon, for those of you in the dark, is
a radioactive gas that’s released from the natural uranium
present in rocks, water and the soil.

connection between lung cancer and radon was first discovered when
large numbers of workers in uranium mines died of the disease. And
for non-smokers who are surprised to find themselves diagnosed with
lung cancer, you don’t have to look further than radon for the

homes are more exposed to radon than others because of their
proximity to soil that’s rich in uranium. Apartments that are
at the basement level and ground and first floors, and houses that
are tightly insulated are prone to have higher levels of radiation
from radon because they may be built on soil that contains a large
amount of ura…

A Picture Says A Thousand Words

I have just gotten my results back for the chest xray.I waited the last six months for a five minute appointment.In that picture of my chest was my future.
When I go to the doctor,that day an xray of the chest is taken.You take your xray to the front desk and then you get called in to see the surgeon/oncologist.You wait to exhale when he looks at it.
I am so very happy and Thankful to report to you that my xray showed No signs of the cancer returning to the previous area of the right lobe of the lung.
My doctor has however ordered a Cat Scan ,to be able to really see any tumors that might be hiding.
I am still short of breath with the emphysema.I so far do not have to take oxygen,but I might ask for some for the evenings.
So,I shall move on now to planning Christmas with my family and pray they do not find anything else.



Lung Cancer Diagnosis Dilema

I still feel like I am in shock.I remember the day my doctor told me he had found a 2 inch tumor on my lung.I am sure that at that time the old me ran and hid somewhere else,and I do not know if I can find her again.
There are days that I think in the third person.I try to sit on my sideline,and ponder what I would have been doing,had this not happened.
I guess God has a plan for me,but the road to it is not so easy at times.
I guess it must be worth fighting for,and I know that is what keeps me going.
My upper back,or what I call my lungs,has been very sore lately.I have pain in the left side.I had the cancer removed from my right lung,so maybe it has spread?

Diagnosis of any fatal disease must be so hard for everybody.The lung cancer is a bad one.There are so many people with so many emotions through all of this.I know my family is sad to see me sad.
There are days I think that I am becoming impatient with all the doctor appointments.Those days are thankfully getting fewer,as I try …
Counting my Blessings,Again

My lung cancer has not spread,as far as I know.My breathing is short,but I still have breath.My fibromalgia is under control,and I have not had an angina attack for months.
YES,I am COUNTING my Blessings.One by One , Day by Day.

This time on here a couple of years ago I was thankful for being alive.I am not only thankful now I am amazed that I have gone this long ,this well,with the lung cancer and cirrhosis.

I see my lung doctor on November 18th.I will always be afraid of that day.I will sit in that waiting room,and I will make promises again to myself.
I will promise to cherish everyday and every moment with my loved ones.I will pray inside that the cancer has not spread to the lymph nodes or to my liver.
I will pray that I have one more chance.

I will sit down tonight with my family and enjoy our Thanksgiving.

Thank you to all of you that have kept following me on this,you have all been my angels.

Please take care of yourselves.
Happy Thanks Giving to all my Canad…


Lung Cancer,Lung Cancer,Lung Cancer,that is all we seems to hear about lately.
Is this fatal disease running rampant?

I think it is wonderful that more people are aware ,but I also think that we are not looking in the right places for a cure or fast enough.There are over 160,000 new cases of lung diseases diagnosed every year.That is in America alone.

This fatal ailment does not just happen to other people,or people that smoke.
Smoking does not cause lung cancer.
There are many reasons we get cancer.There are cases where inhalation of chemicals,asbestos,coal mining dust etc,can cause lung cancer.

In my case I was not surprised at the diagnosis.I had been a smoker of 44 years.I got my punishment for that.
When I was diagnosed with "Cirrhosis of the Liver",I quit drinking.

I cant say I am doing very well,with the smoking.

After my mom passed away a couple of months ago,I got weak.I started the odd puff here and there,and now I am really afraid I could be so stupid to add salt to the…
LUNG CANCER IS SCARY STUFF Imagine finding yourself reading this.How would you feel? This is the pathology report that I received after they removed a lobe from the right lung.It is called a lobectomy,or wedge section. I did not feel any pain before or after really. I was diagnosed with pneumonia first ,then they discovered the tumor.It was 2 inches long by then. They were able to remove the cancerous part.I was very blessed and lucky that they found it on time. I did complain a lot about pain in my back about a year before.I smoked for 44 years and kind of thought that it was my lungs.I told doctors then that my back hurt and I thought it was my lungs,but they just told me my lungs were not in my back.I think maybe they should have taken a closer look. The operation might have turned out not so good,as I had previous complications.I recovered quickly and returned home in four days.I have a big scar ,but I am still alive. There are more adventures to the waiting room quite often for me now.I …


My Mother passed away a few days ago.I never told her that I had "Lung Cancer".That was the hardest thing for me,but the best for her.
One would think that a daughter would automatically tell her mother that she was ill and was going to die soon.I did not say a word.
This death of my mom is a hard one.It was a blessing though,as she did not suffer and just fell asleep,knowing she would be with her loved ones soon.It is very hard on me,because there are things I never told her.

I know that by not telling her,it was the most unselfish thing I have ever done.It would have killed her.How do I know that?
She would take my face in her hand,quite often of late,and tell me"Darling,Please take care of yourself as it would kill me to lose you,as parents must die before their children".
She came to visit me shortly after my lung was removed.I had a scar of twelve inches and the look of staple marks on my back.She would sleep with me at night,and wonder why I did not change my c…


Yes,I still have stage 1 "Lung Cancer".The name of this condition is scary in itself.It sure makes you feel like there is no point in trying to move on,when the odds are so against you in this Fatal disease. I can tell you now,Please do not ever feel that way. I have spent the last seventeen months thinking I was dying every minute of everyday.What a waste of time. They say you go through certain stages of grief. I had the ANGER when I was told I needed an operation to remove the cancerous tumor on my lung.It was at a stage in my life where I finally had time for me.My kids had moved out and my husband had retired.I was mad because it would take time to heal,and I was afraid that I wouldn't.I knew I would have to slow down,and I knew that my spirit had been killed. I am still in DENIAL,but only when I need to be,to get me through.I have learned that if we" think it so be it". When I do wake up in the morning and I do not think of death,that is my way of pretending th…
THE WAITING ROOMIt is so quiet, you can hear the breaths of others clearly.My heart is missing beats and fluttering.I try to speak to announce my arrival at the clinic,and the receptionist tells me to take a seat.There are many others there.It is a respiratory clinic in "Winnipeg,Manitoba",and I am here to see my surgeon.The room is filled with others much worse off then myself.I see oxygen tanks.I see my future.I will sit here now,and somehow,I will wait til I hear my name called.I am in a moment.I will not have this again.I am handed a form to give to the man who gives xrays.I walk down the hall and I am told to change into a gown,of course,done up in the back,and waist down ,off.I have had an xray by this man before,and I feel comfortable.I forget the importance of this,for a moment.I am so spaced out,that I head for the waiting room in my gown to see my doctor.How embarrassing. My mind goes back to the day of my operation.I see that on the wall of the waiting room is a p…


I faced my greatest fear again today.I saw my surgeon about my lung cancer.He,is not the fear,but the xray that holds my latest test result,is.
I have been going to see him every few months for the last fifteen months.I am praying today that he won't want to see me for awhile.I understand that as more time passes the appointments become less often.
I wait to be called and I see the assistant doctor who assesses me and puts the xray into the light.He doesn't look shocked or surprised to see the picture.We continue our assessment,and then he explains a bit about the xray.He tells me that the rib cage is larger on one side.He explains that the result is of the emphysema,or COPD.I have not asked him about the return of the cancer.I will wait til the real doctor walks in.
The moment is here.My doctor looks at the xray as I shake his hand.He says we can make the appointment for six months now.I can almost not swallow.I have been given another CHANCE.The cancer has still not invaded …

What Will I Do?

Two more weeks until I see the surgeon.I am sure I have had to go through this at least fifteen times.I am really not complaining,because I know the alternative was Death.

You see,I have to have a chest xray every four months to determine if the cancer is spreading from my lung.

I practise for the moment.I see myself being told that I have stage 3 or 4 lung cancer.I wonder what will I do?

Will I change my life ,or will it change for me?

When he tells me,will I cry?Will I scream?

I will make promises again to myself,I will sink into my chair in the waiting room,and I will pretend to myself that I am not there.

I wonder when they tell me,if I will have to go to chemotherapy,what I would do.

If I will only live a little longer,I would be afraid to get so sick from the treatment.I have heard some horror stories from others who are in therapy.

We all think we will know when the time comes.I wonder if I will ever "Throw in the Towel?

I am still young and I still feel that I have so many things …


When I first started writing this blog two years ago,it was called"My First Breath".

Now I will tell you the reason for this title"Wasted Breath".

When I was first diagnosed with Lung Cancer,I think I went into a mental coma.The shock of the news lasted for 2 weeks until the operation on my lung was over.

I did see my life flash before me.

I did not just see it flash once but many times a day.

But Behold!The removal of the two inch cancerous tumor was removed successfully,with the removal of my right lobe of the lung.

I now needed new plans.

I knew then that I had died many times in my mind,so now I needed to live.Hence the title"my First Breath".

In the here and now though,I am starting to think that I Wasted that Breath.

At first,be ever so Thankful,I thought that I could give back.I was going to volunteer with a cancer facility,get exercise and basically change my ways.

I think now I might be suffering from a little bit of punishment for not doing so.

I am now st…

Catching my Breath

Thank You all for your comments and concerns.
I did go to the emergency and my lungs were clear and I showed no respiratory problems,although I couldn't breathe.They gave me an expectorant but said"Get a chest xray as soon as possible,as I think the Cancer has returned.
Well,That did not make me feel any better.
I have a chest xray with the surgeon on may 30th.I will wait til then.
The pain in the back is on going,but now my doc says it is the Fibromalgia.

I am being set up with an oncologist.I have one now but he is just for the lungs.She will be for all parts of the body.
I will feel better that they keep an eye on the rest of me ,before it spreads anywhere else.
Who knows maybe this pain that a lot of us lung cancer victims speak of,is bone cancer.My doctor tells me my lungs are not in my back.I tell him I have to put heat on my back for relief of the pain.I have pain in that area 4-8 hours daily.
But do I want to know if the cancer has spread?I am not sure.
On one hand I want to…


The pain is back.This is happening too fast now.
I just wrote a post on here a couple of days ago and all seemed to be well.
I have been feeling very tired lately,and more short of breath than usual.
I thought that I was just getting down because of the long winter.
The pain seems to radiate through all my back.There is no cough,so I do not suspect pneumonia.
I am scared.
I heard that Lung Cancer was a very painful end.I do not know how strong I can be through this uncomfortable time.
I am starting to see the other side of this cancer.
I started having back aches four years ago.I thought that perhaps it was the sitting at the computer.I got a new bed,thinking it was the mattress.
The doctors gave me all sorts of muscle relaxants,pain killers and even physio therapy.
I went continuously to my doctor almost raging with trying to explain the pain.
I also suffered waves of nausea over this time as well.It was and still is not unusual for me to have the waves several times a day.
I think that after my…


As the time draws by this time of year ,I tend to go back,I do try to go forward most of the time,but this is different.

Most of you that are coming to this site are looking for some answers.

I do not profess to have them.

I have tried to relay some of the emotional changes as well as physical differences that you might encounter when diagnosed with "Lung Cancer".
Please read my previous posts.

I feel like I am writing backwards in time,because of the archiving system.

Before I start to scare you,let me tell you this.

I would do it over again tomorrow,without any hesitation,if it would extend my chances for a longer life.

Following is the morning scenario of a lung operation for Cancer.

It is four oclock in the morning and 35 degrees below zero outside.I am awake.I really do not think I slept.
I manage to dress myself.
It feels strange not putting on any make up.We leave the house at five,in the dark down the highway.
I am so…


My chest xray showed that the cancer had NOT returned,as of yet.My Dr. looked at the xray from four months ago and compared it to todays and said no recurrence anywhere else,so far.He said everything was good.

Thank you all for the comments and letters of support.You dont know how many times I read the comments,and I feel caring and hope all round me.

This appointment was important to me in many ways.

I am going to be 57 soon.I do not think that that is old.I have had visions of being on respirators and lung things.I have been down , thinking I was living on borrowed time.

This day is the "Defining Moment".

I am really getting this feeling that this is HOPE for a bit of a future.

The doctor,aka surgeon,said that because he caught my cancer early and managed to get the carcinoma tumor cut out,that I had a very good chance of survival for now.

They had discovered this 2 inch tumor on February 1 of 2006.I had a lobe removed on Feb.28th.

I was very blessed.I had a family doctor that got…

Lung Cancer still Lingers

I have been checking out medical news again.Each time I read the stats on survival rates,I feel like a handicapper at the races.I am playing the odds.
I have BAC.That's is an acronym for"BROCHIOLOALALVEOLAR CARCINOMA".
It is a rare cancer,and it is a cancer that can appear in people who have never smoked at all.It is still deadly.
Survival rates vary from 1-3 years.There are of course always mitigating other factors.
I have not been one to take care of my body in the past,therefore I will probably not live as long with this as I would have .
I smoked ,I drank,and I don't remember participating in any exercise,except in school PE.
I used to think that worrying about yourself was a selfish thing.I know now that you have to care about yourself,and that is the least selfish thing you can do.
If I had of smartened up earlier ,my family would not be dealing with this now.
I also know from my readings,and from the various discussions with my DR.,that my cance…


I'm thinking,I should be dead.

Confusing thoughts run through my head.

This threat of death looming over me for years.In 2002,the" cirrhosis of the Liver"diagnosis.I was given three months to live.I decided to live to the fullest.I gave up drinking and my liver returned to semi normal.It took me another 3 years to put on some weight and try to do a lot of catch up.I had lost a lot of aquaintances from that past and was fighting to get a job and meet new people.I was already being told at that time that I was too old.I was 52.

Since 2002,I have been diagnosed with emphysema,angina,hypertension and fibromalgia.

Wow,Why am I here.??

I wonder if I had already become"hardened">Two years ago,to the day ,when my Doctor told me I had "Lung Cancer".

I was just on my way back up, only to face this dark cloud,once again over my shoulder.

I lived dead for 5 years.I wrote several wills.Every time I would start to make plans,I had to tell myself not to.

I used to have p…

LUNG CANCER:The New Year Begins

Here's TO...A Healthy Happy New Year.
Wishing all of you the best for the coming year.
I will see my doc on February 1st.This will be my last quarterly appointment.He said I will return every six months after that.
I am ,of course not sure if that will be true.I get an x-ray each time to see if and where the cancer has spread.Each time I sit in that waiting room is one of my biggest challenges.
My mind set wants to be positive,but I also must face facts.
I had the one lobe removed on my right lung.The procedure is called a"lobectomy".I am under the impression that if it spreads more into the lung,I could still have another lobe removed.
I also am aware that the cancer can and probably will,spread to any areas in that location,or prey upon some weak area in other places.
Those are the Bad things.
The good things are that I am still surviving this fight.
I have not won the battle yet though.
I play this game,one day at a time.I am more focused on How I feel now,today.
I am well toda…