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Standing at the Crossroads

Well,Here I am again folks.Medically,I am at the crossroads.It seems  neither of my choices will be good ones.I do not want to dwell on that right now.
I do however,want to tell you that I am not as dependant upon my husband as much.For several years I hardly got of my bed.I now get up and drive the car to my freelance position ,I was able to obtain.It doesn't pay much,but with my son and husband to support,every bit helps.I now look forward to getting out of bed in the morning and facing the day.Every step I take  I feel like I am winning against the odds.Lung Cancer,COPD,Fibromalgia,Heart Disease and only one kidney functioning,I feel pretty darn good.I am not on oxygen yet,I have the availability of both legs and arms,(though sometimes they ache).I am here now and even if this is my final act,it has been a great play.
I still have lots on my plate physically.Every doctor appointment scares me.I have my "nephrologist"(kidney doctor),to see in a few weeks.Two of my specia…