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Worry is a Waste of Time

Another week of worry. I had to postpone my appointment last week with the liver cancer doctor due to weather.I have had severe vomiting all week and I am counting the hours til I see him.The test is an ERCP.They will stick a long tube down my throat,yuck!,and they will probe around with a camera.Apparently,if and when they find something,they can maybe fix it right then.I understand that they can blast stones they find and also put in stents.I think they can drain excess bile as well.I am not to informed about it yet.

I am so worried.I know I said I would deal with the diagnosis at the time but it is a very good chance that my problem there in my liver,may be worse than the lung cancer.If my liver has developed cancer,that cancer would be considered secondary to the lung cancer.The liver,I think kills you quicker.

My God,I haven't much of a choice,do I?I am praying that I might just have an ulcer,or even kidney stones.That is bad to,but not as bad as finding out the cancer has meta…

Whats Happening Now

Hello my Dear readers.,
The new year is not starting so good for me.
Lung Cancer,Liver Disease,Emphysema,Fibromalgia,and now they want to do a test,an MRCP.This is an image xray to examine my "Bile Duct".
My doctor discovered this after a series of numerous tests.I had been reporting nausea for a few years now,and then when they found the lung cancer,the focus was on that and not such a minimal thing as nausea.
I did keep insisting that maybe my liver,which was damaged with "Cirrhosis" had some of the lung cancer cancer spread to it.
Now I found out yesterday that I might have pancreatic Cancer.
My God!How much can one take?
Will this be the straw that broke this camels back?
I do pride myself on keeping up with my health issues.I know I don't feel well,but I hate to complain because I know there are others that are a lot worse off then me.
I will take the tests ,deal with the results when I know them and let you know.
Thanks for coming back and staying in touch.Please …