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A new year begins.I was not supposed to be here,again.Almost monthly since 2006 when I was diagnosed with Lung Cancer,I never knew how long I would be here.Now when New Years comes around,I am amazed and very grateful,that 5 years later I still am.

Lung Cancer was the biggest fear.I had already dodged four possibly fatal diseases.I had "cirrhosis" of the liver.and a suspicious breast biopsy,which turned out to be cysts,I had an almost fatal "grand mal" seizure,and I had pre cancer cells on my cervix and underwent laser treatments to prevent the cancer from spreading.

Lung Cancer is a lingering problem.I was diagnosed and caught mine early.Lung cancer is usually not found in time for most people,and therefore the low survival rate.Mine was found by luck through another check for emphysema.

I have made more scary visits to my oncologist in the last five years than any other doctor.Each time I walk in the office and he reads the x-ray in front of me,I fear the worst.Then…