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Sunday, June 10, 2012


Hello,my friends.Yes,I am a walking,talking,living miracle.I have lived through over 9 terminal diagnosis's.I am here today for a reason,that is for sure.You have to have Faith and Believe.As early as 1996,I had one of my first scares with a date made for surgery to remove my breasts.The miracle was,that a doctor took the time to take a second look at the scan and said that there were six cysts and that they could be drained.I left a whole woman.Since then I have suffered Grand Mal seizures,Bells Palsy,two strokes,two heart attacks,and many more.In 2002 I was diagnosed with "Cirrhosis of the Liver".I was given less then 3 months to live.I weighed 87 lbs.I was dying.I prayed.Three months later,and after stopping alcohol my liver began to regenerate and after ten years of sobriety,I have a new liver.In 2006,the diagnosis of lung cancer was a tough one.I was faced with surgery to remove a 2.2" tumor on my right lobe of my lung.Stage 1 lung cancer.My odds of surgery were not good.I had very bad hypertension(high blood pressure) and had already had a heart attack.They got the cancer ,and I survived the operation and have been free of that for 6 years.God Bless.But yes,unfortunately,there is more.The good news,I am here.The bad news,is that I lost a kidney somehow a couple of years ago,and have been diagnosed with fibromalgia,(hardening of the  arteries}.I am also waiting to hear about a biopsy on my womb,as they suspect cancer there now.Oh well,So Far so good,so I keep the faith and most of all.
So my friends.Please keep hoping and praying and even make believe that we can get through a lot of challenges in our life ,sometimes.
Til next time remember....



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