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LUNG CANCER IS SCARY STUFF Imagine finding yourself reading this.How would you feel? This is the pathology report that I received after they removed a lobe from the right lung.It is called a lobectomy,or wedge section. I did not feel any pain before or after really. I was diagnosed with pneumonia first ,then they discovered the tumor.It was 2 inches long by then. They were able to remove the cancerous part.I was very blessed and lucky that they found it on time. I did complain a lot about pain in my back about a year before.I smoked for 44 years and kind of thought that it was my lungs.I told doctors then that my back hurt and I thought it was my lungs,but they just told me my lungs were not in my back.I think maybe they should have taken a closer look. The operation might have turned out not so good,as I had previous complications.I recovered quickly and returned home in four days.I have a big scar ,but I am still alive. There are more adventures to the waiting room quite often for me now.I …


My Mother passed away a few days ago.I never told her that I had "Lung Cancer".That was the hardest thing for me,but the best for her.
One would think that a daughter would automatically tell her mother that she was ill and was going to die soon.I did not say a word.
This death of my mom is a hard one.It was a blessing though,as she did not suffer and just fell asleep,knowing she would be with her loved ones soon.It is very hard on me,because there are things I never told her.

I know that by not telling her,it was the most unselfish thing I have ever done.It would have killed her.How do I know that?
She would take my face in her hand,quite often of late,and tell me"Darling,Please take care of yourself as it would kill me to lose you,as parents must die before their children".
She came to visit me shortly after my lung was removed.I had a scar of twelve inches and the look of staple marks on my back.She would sleep with me at night,and wonder why I did not change my c…