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Lung Cancer still Lingers

I have been checking out medical news again.Each time I read the stats on survival rates,I feel like a handicapper at the races.I am playing the odds.
I have BAC.That's is an acronym for"BROCHIOLOALALVEOLAR CARCINOMA".
It is a rare cancer,and it is a cancer that can appear in people who have never smoked at all.It is still deadly.
Survival rates vary from 1-3 years.There are of course always mitigating other factors.
I have not been one to take care of my body in the past,therefore I will probably not live as long with this as I would have .
I smoked ,I drank,and I don't remember participating in any exercise,except in school PE.
I used to think that worrying about yourself was a selfish thing.I know now that you have to care about yourself,and that is the least selfish thing you can do.
If I had of smartened up earlier ,my family would not be dealing with this now.
I also know from my readings,and from the various discussions with my DR.,that my cance…


I'm thinking,I should be dead.

Confusing thoughts run through my head.

This threat of death looming over me for years.In 2002,the" cirrhosis of the Liver"diagnosis.I was given three months to live.I decided to live to the fullest.I gave up drinking and my liver returned to semi normal.It took me another 3 years to put on some weight and try to do a lot of catch up.I had lost a lot of aquaintances from that past and was fighting to get a job and meet new people.I was already being told at that time that I was too old.I was 52.

Since 2002,I have been diagnosed with emphysema,angina,hypertension and fibromalgia.

Wow,Why am I here.??

I wonder if I had already become"hardened">Two years ago,to the day ,when my Doctor told me I had "Lung Cancer".

I was just on my way back up, only to face this dark cloud,once again over my shoulder.

I lived dead for 5 years.I wrote several wills.Every time I would start to make plans,I had to tell myself not to.

I used to have p…

LUNG CANCER:The New Year Begins

Here's TO...A Healthy Happy New Year.
Wishing all of you the best for the coming year.
I will see my doc on February 1st.This will be my last quarterly appointment.He said I will return every six months after that.
I am ,of course not sure if that will be true.I get an x-ray each time to see if and where the cancer has spread.Each time I sit in that waiting room is one of my biggest challenges.
My mind set wants to be positive,but I also must face facts.
I had the one lobe removed on my right lung.The procedure is called a"lobectomy".I am under the impression that if it spreads more into the lung,I could still have another lobe removed.
I also am aware that the cancer can and probably will,spread to any areas in that location,or prey upon some weak area in other places.
Those are the Bad things.
The good things are that I am still surviving this fight.
I have not won the battle yet though.
I play this game,one day at a time.I am more focused on How I feel now,today.
I am well toda…