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Am I Living or Dying?

Welcome back!
Just a catch up to new comers.This journey was started in 2006.I had a removal of a lobe in my lung where they found a 2cm cancer tumor.Lots of that info can be found on my 120 posts.You were my journal,my way to get out my feelings,and I know from your comments you appreciated me as well.
Now,I am on a different journey,and I would like to share.
November 2015,after an xray,pet scan,and surgery to take samples from my lung,I was told I had Terminal stage 4 Andocarcinoma,and it had metastisised to my lymph nodes.It was incurable,and I would have 4 to 9 months.
The Dr. spent 15 minutes with me,and said.We want you to have a quality of life."Your health is not good and radiation,and/or chemo could kill you"Wow!It is now 28 months later,and I am here,or am I.
I received a letter after my last scan May 10th/2017,that read.
"Biopsy proven Adenocarcinom subcarinal tumor has resolved itself.DESPITE NO THERAPY".
They were in shock,I had no medications,and act…