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Changing Channels

The lifestyle changes that I must adhere by are not coming easy.
I have found my "niche" more or less in the last 50 years and those habits whether good or bad are very instilled in me.
Every minute of every hour I have been trying to change my thought patterns on "smoking"I am reading all sorts of articles on quitting and successes and tell myself many times a day how horrible cigarettes truly are, and how now I will have to change my whole day,every day for the rest of my life.
I can no longer wake up to that cup of coffee and that cigarette ,that I so much enjoyed for 40 years instead, my choice is orange juice and a few hours on here,which I enjoy very much.The good thing being that I can not type and hold a smoke at the same time.
I know I can do it though as others have before me.
A lot of other points in my life are changing as well,I really am starting to notice sunsets, hear the birds singing and all that good stuff we all tend to take for granted.All of th…

Is this MY fault?

I guess I shouldn't cry the blues,after all,I have been the cause of most,if not all of my illnesses.
"Smoking causes Cancer"How many times have I seen this,heard this,and known this?
What was I thinking?
I have smoked and drank for many years,not exercised,nor have I maintained a proper diet.
I do NOT expect you to feel sorry for me.I do however know that I am not the only recipient of Cancer that didn't stick to the rules.
Now Look at Me!
I really wonder if this old dog,can learn new tricks.
We shall see......

Lung Cancer,Liver Disease,COPD

Writing this "BLOG" just makes me realize how very fortunate I am.My list of rather scary health conditions are able to sink in more as I read this.I sometimes feel like I am writing in the third person.
Yes,I have COPD as well.That to me seems like a petty thing compared to the removal of my lung lobe and cancer.I know though that every day I notice more shortness of breath and easy tasks become tiring.
My point,really is though,That I feel Well!
My spirit remains high and I am not ill.I am really not disabled in anyway.
I am of course in the very first stages of this "cancer" business.I am also aware of the many trials I must go through in the near future.
I have a lot of good people in my life and I know that will surely aide me in the days ahead.


Common Sense?

I will try to fill in some of the blanks.Prior to my diagnosis of "lung Cancer"I had been through 3 years of life style changes as well.I was told I had "cirrohsis"in 2002 and that I would require a liver transplant.I was also told i would have less than 3 months to live,but there would be more hope if I was able to stop drinking.I was quite a drinker for many years.I managed on my own to stop drinking .I had no help from AA or any doctors,Just my own will.
I have been dealing with this til February 1 this year ,when the lung cnacer came through.
With only a 5 minute visit to a surgeon and no previous knowledge,or compassion from anybody I was told my only option was a lobectomy.That is the removal of an entire lobe of the lung.That was on Feb.15th.They would operate February28th.
The medical odds were against me.My liver had returned to a safer situation,but I had emphysema,Angina,High Blood pressure and I had had a previous seizure a few years back.The doct…


Welcome! I have just been recently diagnosed with "Lung Cancer"February 1 and received a "Lobectomy"on February 28th.
This "Blog"will be about all my breaths taken in the months to come.I had no previous warning of the cancer so I am not full of myths or misconceptions from others or myself.I hope to educate myself on my new found illness and to try to share some of my self discoveries and diagnosisis with you.
I look forward to hearing from you on any and all of my posts.
Thank You for listening!