Common Sense?

I will try to fill in some of the blanks.Prior to my diagnosis of "lung Cancer"I had been through 3 years of life style changes as well.I was told I had "cirrohsis"in 2002 and that I would require a liver transplant.I was also told i would have less than 3 months to live,but there would be more hope if I was able to stop drinking.I was quite a drinker for many years.I managed on my own to stop drinking .I had no help from AA or any doctors,Just my own will.
I have been dealing with this til February 1 this year ,when the lung cnacer came through.
With only a 5 minute visit to a surgeon and no previous knowledge,or compassion from anybody I was told my only option was a lobectomy.That is the removal of an entire lobe of the lung.That was on Feb.15th.They would operate February28th.
The medical odds were against me.My liver had returned to a safer situation,but I had emphysema,Angina,High Blood pressure and I had had a previous seizure a few years back.The doctor did say that my odds were 1 in 20 that I would not survive the operation.
I not only am here writing this but my recovery amazed my doctors and friends and family.
As of this moment though I am not sure whether this is the end or the beginning of things as the Pathology report is not back yet.I will know then if the cancer has spread and I have a little less time in my life or they wre able to get it on time and then I have more time.Of course I wish the latter.
I am refusing to let any day or minute or hour go by now,with out giving something back .I have started this "Diary',Journal,To help my self see through some of this maze but also to help others that are left to make difficult decisions ,be it surgury or other choices.
Please check back for the " Pathology Report" >

I also would like to tell you that I have been a smoker for 40 years and of course I am not to smoke anymore,Well if you have any suggestions for me to stop ,I am having a harder time with this then i have had with any other drug in my life,Please forward any hints to this post.
Talk to you soon



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