Welcome! I have just been recently diagnosed with "Lung Cancer"February 1 and received a "Lobectomy"on February 28th.
This "Blog"will be about all my breaths taken in the months to come.I had no previous warning of the cancer so I am not full of myths or misconceptions from others or myself.I hope to educate myself on my new found illness and to try to share some of my self discoveries and diagnosisis with you.
I look forward to hearing from you on any and all of my posts.
Thank You for listening!



LBlogger said…
Very Good Blog. Very helpful and encouraging to others. I was diagnosed with invasive breast cancer in 2007 stage 3 (lymph node) involvement. Her+ I always worry a bit about the return and spread to lungs. Lately I have been short of breathe. But, I can tell if my shortness of breathe is my paranoia or real. It cost money to keep running in for scans and scans are dangerous too. Your blog gives me some insight and vision in what to expect for next stage. I just want you to know you blog is wonderful and that people are listening to it. :) God Bless you and keep giving you strength. You give me encouragement.

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