Sunday, April 08, 2012

Moving Forward

Welcome back my friends.It is good news that has delayed my posts this time.I have been working/playing a lot lately.I am enjoying my career on a part time basis and loving every minute of it.It helps a little with finances,which have been tough this last year.I have met some wonderful people,been around some great energy and I have felt better the last nine months,(psychologically) than the last six years.I definitely feel that trying to keep busy with ones mind on other activities,plays a big part on dealing with keeping our minds off that which we can not change.I have learned the acceptance part of Lung Cancer,and all my other ailments.I "Believe",I pray ,and I have faith that I will just be given some more time.
I have had a few set backs the last couple months.I developed pneumonia and had to go to the hospital a couple of times.I was lucky and with some medicine for my emphysema,and an antibiotic for the pneumonia I was pleased that I did not succumb to total respiratory failure.I had a cough these last few months though,and that has had me a bit worried.The cough is very similar to the one that previous brought concern to me in 2005.It was this symptom that encouraged me to get a CT scan of the lungs,which of course revealed the Stage 1 Lung Cancer.I had the right lobe of my lung removed and have remained cancer free for six years,Thank God!
I will see my oncologist in May for a check up and another x-ray of the chest and can only pray that the cancer has not returned.He told me that depending on the test he may have to remove another lobe of my lung,or put me on chemo.I do not like any of those options,but one has no choice.
I also have to see my kidney doctor that month.He will determine if my one and only kidney is functioning okay.If it is not he says I will have to go on dialysis or have a transplant.All of these realities,all of theses facts.I do find it hard to think about it all.I like to just wait and see,and NOT worry til its time.
Spring has sprung here,and with that I feel alive myself.I am happy and thankful that I do not have oxygen,yet,for my emphysema.I am so blessed that so far I haven't had to endure any chemo,or any other surgery.
I have bad days,lots of bad days.I also have lots of good days,and those are the ones that count.
When all my appointments with all my doctors are over,maybe I will have to change my plans,but I will also learn to roll with and deal with anything that God has decided for my fate.I believe its a lot to do with attitude.Dealing with cancer,or any terminal disease takes its toll on everyone.You have to have Hope,Faith and also .....



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