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Moving Forward

Welcome back my friends.It is good news that has delayed my posts this time.I have been working/playing a lot lately.I am enjoying my career on a part time basis and loving every minute of it.It helps a little with finances,which have been tough this last year.I have met some wonderful people,been around some great energy and I have felt better the last nine months,(psychologically) than the last six years.I definitely feel that trying to keep busy with ones mind on other activities,plays a big part on dealing with keeping our minds off that which we can not change.I have learned the acceptance part of Lung Cancer,and all my other ailments.I "Believe",I pray ,and I have faith that I will just be given some more time.
I have had a few set backs the last couple months.I developed pneumonia and had to go to the hospital a couple of times.I was lucky and with some medicine for my emphysema,and an antibiotic for the pneumonia I was pleased that I did not succumb to total respirat…