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Hello,Welcome to my blog on lung cancer,and other diseases that wreak havoc with ones' body and mind.

I have written lately of all the diagnostic tests that we have to determine our physical dilemmas.The tests that take a long time to wait for to do,and sometimes too long to get the results.

I really am fed up with all the tests,but I can tell you,the waiting is bad and unfortunately the results can be worse.

Today I wait for my phone to ring to tell me the results of an MRI that was done on my abdomen.They are looking for Pancreatic Cancer,Liver Cancer,kidney stones,or any other abnormality they can find.

Yes,Just wonderful isn't it.Now is the part where I tell myself that everything will be okay.If I hear the phone ring,I know my heart will stop for a minute,as I think they wouldn't call if all was alright.If the call doesn't come today,I will still start thinking about what will happen when it does.

Then it will be time to face the facts.

I get these scares all the time.I…

A New Year Begins

Welcome.I would like to wish all of you a very Healthy,Happy New Year.

I also would at this time express my condolences to the people of Haiti,and all the loved ones this catastrophe has affected.

I find myself hesitating to write this post of my worries and troubles,as I almost feel that I have no right to complain,when others have so much more to worry about.

I managed to have a good safe Christmas with family this year.I did have a scare and was taken by ambulance to a hospital.My blood pressure was so high I was almost convulsing.I was given an EKG,and it was determined that I was not in immediate danger.I was released the next day,with plans to see an internal medicine doctor.They said that with the continuous hypertension the last year ,they had to do some tests to see why I have the high blood pressure.I am going for an MRI today ,of the abdomen which will see the kidneys,liver,pancreas and stomach.There could be a blockage,or an artery that is being pinched off.

I hate that I am s…