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Smoking has been the cause of my demise.Forty-Three years of abuse.I should have figured when I had a cough that kept lasting 4 years ago,that I could be in trouble.I guess I was a typical addict and kept finding excuses.
I now have lung cancer,and emphysema.
When I smoked I did not eat.I actually weighed 89 lbs at one time.When I smoked I drank a lot of coffee,another drug that is questionable.When I smoked I sat,another quick way to die ,as no exercise!
When I smoked I stunk!Our social life even diminished,as anyone that did not smoke did not want to spend an evening with us inhaling ours.
Quitting Smoking is also the hardest thing,and drug to stop.
They have drug rehabs for Heroin,methedrine and alcohol,and insanity.They do not have quit smoking rehabs as far as I know.
Our government collects the taxes on our smokes and then will not even hold themselves accountable to cover the costs of quitting.
I will agree that the pictures that are required on cigarette packages make one think a bit…


The title says it all really.This year has found me in a constant gasp.I know there is more to come,healthwise, with my lung cancer.
I want to just forget about all of my problems now,and like spring,I want to come anew.
The "law of attraction " has been my life lately.
It has been five years of worrying about the next day in a bad way.I am changing my thoughts as I write this.
I am one very blessed,lucky person.I look fine,I only have the one scar from the lung operation and I can walk and talk.I feel that with a greater pronounciation of What I can do, instead of What I can not,will be the best way to go from here.
My "Emphysema" is still a problem.I really havent been seen by a specialist for that.I will get to that after I go out and have some fun!
"My first breath" was the name of this blog when I started writing this a year ago.I have had many breaths since,that I never thought I would have.
I am one of the very few,who have made it this far after a lung c…