The title says it all really.This year has found me in a constant gasp.I know there is more to come,healthwise, with my lung cancer.
I want to just forget about all of my problems now,and like spring,I want to come anew.
The "law of attraction " has been my life lately.
It has been five years of worrying about the next day in a bad way.I am changing my thoughts as I write this.
I am one very blessed,lucky person.I look fine,I only have the one scar from the lung operation and I can walk and talk.I feel that with a greater pronounciation of What I can do, instead of What I can not,will be the best way to go from here.
My "Emphysema" is still a problem.I really havent been seen by a specialist for that.I will get to that after I go out and have some fun!
"My first breath" was the name of this blog when I started writing this a year ago.I have had many breaths since,that I never thought I would have.
I am one of the very few,who have made it this far after a lung cancer diagnosis.
I wish to Thank all of you that have taken the time to read this blog and leave your comments.
Please check back with me as I go through the Trials I have been given to tribulate.




Jerry said…
To all the lung cancer patients out there, the only thing I can say is don't give up! Stay strong and you'll find healing. Strenghten your self confidence and keep the faith.
Darren said…

I found your blog today and have read most of your previous posts.

You are a courageous person undergoing a challenge that most can never image.

I've placed a post on my blog about your "lung cancer life".

I think that you and your blog have much to offer others as a way of inspiration and courage.

Best of luck,

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