Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Counting My Blessings for the 6th,7th,8th and 9th times Again!

Welcome Everyone.Happy Thanks Giving to all of my guests who are celebrating this day in their homes.I also wish everyone who reads my posts would also like to take the time to reflect on some of the moments of strife and glory,and to count your blessings as well.
Now,with that being said I will try to catch you all up on my latest news.
I have just recently had a bout of the cold/flu situation that has been going around here.I unfortunately,ended up with a few complications more.My lungs having had the lung cancer  surgery,and my emphysema were not to able to keep up with the impact of a cold and I ended up with pneumonia.I have,Thankfully,recovered from that,but have increased my inhalers to compensate with my dry hacking cough and shortness of breath.
I also visited my "nephrologist"(kidney doctor),yesterday.He told me that my potassium level was quite low.He also noted that I had lost over ten pounds in the last few months.He is so concerned with the weight loss that he is going to be in touch with my lung cancer doctor.He really scared me,because I didn't think I would hear any thing regarding my cancer situation from him.I,as far as I know,do not have cancer in my kidney,so.....I am now a little alarmed.I have of course thought over and over again as to what else might have caused me to lose my weight,but for the life of me,I do not think any of my eating habits have changed.Inside myself,I just sort of want to try to gain some weight and eat the right foods to gain some needed "potassium"back in my body,and just take each day as it comes.
It is Christmas coming,and I really do not want to deal with any more decisions then I already have.I will keep you posted as to how that is going.Wish me luck.
Today,and everyday,I do count my blessings.I have written a post every year regarding the miracles and blessings that have happened to me.
I have been given many tests,many trials,and Thank God I am here to share my stories with you again.When you are faced with a doctor telling you that you only have a few weeks or months to live,you do STOP and think.The word live,becomes LIVE!In that moment,your life really does flash before your eyes.I have had that feeling each and every year with every fatal diagnosis that I have had made on my ailments.My life no longer flashes as much ,as I am  living,or trying to live each minute,in the moment and have the foresight and not the hindsight of all the flashes as that first time.
We all have challenges in our lives,and we all have the ability to choose how we deal with them.
My blessings also go out to all of those brave souls who are  facing cancer,to all those who have lost others to this battle,and to all the caregivers that get us through.
May God Bless You!

Til next time remember......




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