Saturday, November 20, 2010


I would like to choose how I die.I do not imagine one normally gives much thought to that.After receiving all my death notices from my doctors,I am starting to realise that I am not dealing with too many life choices.
I feel like I would like a "Grand Departure".
I am on "hold" right now from some real devastating news.The Lung Cancer in my right lung has not returned at this point,Thank God!My emphysema has worsened,and of course with part of my lung removed,my breathing is quite bad.An MRI awaits me and some endoscopy to find and perhaps blast some kidney or bladder stone that have formed.Oh!Lovely.
How can I concentrate on living with all this on my mind.So.....I have decided to plan and be prepared to die.
As morbid as this sounds,it is my reality.I have already tried "living in the moment".It is impossible.I find myself,lying to myself.How could I sit there on a Monday and plan for Friday?Every time I try to plan,something comes up with my health and it doesn't work out.
I just want to plan my demise.I want to see people now,not at my funeral.I want to have a honeymoon after being married for 41 years and never having even a vacation.I want to right all the wrongs I have done.I want to most of all,Prepare my family to continue without me.I want my loved ones to know that ,I have no regrets.
I am probably not going to die tomorrow,but I odds are pretty good in that favor.I knew,and know that I want to live,but the wanting doesn't matter here.I want to be brave and face the reality of this.
I also want to believe.....
so til next time remember



Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Keep on Living,If You're Not Prepared to Die

Thanksgiving this year was a meditating one.I thought about all the things I gave thanks for over the years,and some new ones I have added.I am especially Thankful to still be here writing these posts. I started this journal after I was diagnosed with Lung Cancer.I never thought this journey would be that long,and with so many roads to travel.Since my lung cancer diagnosis,I have been diagnosed with Emphysema,cirrhosis of the liver,hypertension,and I have had a heart attack and a stroke.In the last six months I have lost my right kidney.The kidney got blocked and the renal artery couldn't flow properly,I think.My God,you say.How can I still be here after all that?I can't answer that,but I can say I am truly blessed.
I read about others who have lung cancer,that are not as fortunate.I have learned a lot on how others feel when they go through all different cancers.Please check out
on so many other points of view.Lung Cancer takes you fast and sometimes you are not prepared.I have dealt with fatal diagnosis's since 2002.I believe I have more than prepared myself to die.I just pray I can keep finding a reason to live.
We all have bad days and good days.I have had sorta days of late.When I am having a hard time breathing,I do not feel like doing much,and the sitting around really gets to me.
I am on hold for a huge diagnosis.I see my cancer doctor and my kidney doctor on the same day soon.
I will get a chest xray from my oncologist and it will show immediately if the cancer has returned.I will not even have time to feel the impact of the news,as I have to go upstairs to see the kidney doctor.He will decide,with the recent test results if my kidneys are failing,and whether or not I might have to go on dialysis.Wow!What an emotional day that will be.I already know the kidney isn't good news,but I really don't want to deal with the lung cancer right now.I guess what will be will be.
I will leave you on that note.
Remember til next time



Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Feeling like I'm Fixing to Die

Hello everyone.It has been awhile since my last post,sorry.The fact is I have had no more news on my kidney failure,liver or lung cancer.I am again caught up in the system.My new doctor wants to start all over again.She thinks that perhaps my liver might have caused my kidney to fail.My right kidney is completely occluded at this point.I have already had the two MRI's that have determined what is going on,they just do not know why.We do know that the kidneys were damaged by "Hypertension",which is high blood pressure.I have been in and out of emergency rooms for 1.5 years now.When I went there I was checked for a heart attack and released.I wasn't given any follow up or information with regard to this causing kidney failure.I know now why they call high blood pressure the silent killer.I also have a cirrhosis of the liver,which is now causing even greater problems.They have me scheduled now for an ultrasound of the liver.You know,through all this,I have never been given anything to cure,help,or stop my pains or my worries.Sometimes I feel like I am always being diagnosed and the answers are not coming.Maybe no news is good news?
I am in a mode now to move on.I love the autumn.It is my new year.I want to continue to have passions.I want to exercise,eat healthier and really try to not believe that my condition is Fatal.I want to believe that there will be a cure.I want to believe that they made the wrong diagnosis.But....I also want to,and need to stay real,although real isn't as much fun.
The lung cancer on my right lung,was at stage 1 five months ago.I will see my doctor with regard to that in November.I will not be surprised by a disappointing result.I have begun coughing that familiar cough again lately.I also have emphysema,so I guess they are both acting up.
Oh well,When it is all said and done at the end of the day,at least I am still here to write about it.
I do not write this blog to depress you,so take something good from this,and remember....

Don't Stop Believing!


Saturday, July 31, 2010

Living to Die

Welcome.I am on a hiatus right now from my physicians.It feels good to be test free for awhile.Lung Cancer doctor hopefully not til November.I also see a respirologist for my emphysema in the end part of August.I am usually attending appointments lately so it is nice to have a bit of a break.Can YOU imagine what it is like to continue to live when your going to die.?I know we are all going to die,but come on now,at least live to a ripe old age.I really do not know how much more I can play this phys game.Thank God,though my mind has suffered some residual affects from the stroke,that I can still form thoughts.I think it is great that I can still reason.It makes it a bit harder when you know the truth.A terminal diagnosis once is a stress.I can tell you after about ten major terminal diagnosis that I had,that the emotional side of cancer or any other fatal illness in the real killer.
I live on the edge everyday.It takes me longer to try harder to keep going some days.I always fight to keep any thoughts about my position out of my head.I know I have to face facts,but in the end does it really matter how I handled it?What if I don't die with grace?How will I die?Will the lung cancer or the emphysema get me first.Will my cirrhosis of the liver finally stop functioning.Will I be put on a donors list for a kidney transplant.And,you know what folks,I have been told that before all this happens I will most likely have a major stroke or heart attack,because I have hardening of the arteries.How can one continue to keep up a positive attitude with that on their mind.That is why I choose not to worry.
On that note,I leave you with this Saint Patrick's Day Blessing that I came across.

I the end,there are only two things to worry about:
either you are well or you are sick.
When you are well,there is nothing to worry about.
But if you are sick,then there are two things to worry about'
either you get well or you die.
When you get well,there is nothing to worry about.
But when you die there are two things to worry about:
either you will go to heaven or you will go to hell.
When you go to heaven,there is nothing to worry about;
but when you go to hell,you will be so damn busy shaking hands with friends,
you won't have time to worry!

So,Remember til next time



Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Just Another Brick in the Wall.

Welcome.This blog is becoming like a horror story lately.Lung cancer,Heart Attacks,Emphysema,and a stroke were and are very terrifying.The last diagnosis of renal failure left me numb.They say I have lost one of my kidneys,and my other one is partially blocked off.That is all they say.I have not been given any medications or rules to follow.I am going through the same things as I was before they told me.I am dumbfounded at our system,that with all their resources,they can not find someone who will just tell me whats going on.I cant even get to see a doctor for three months.I live in Canada,and I thought we were doing well.I do have doctors,but our system is overloaded.
I am numb because every time I take a step forward,the doctors do another test and find out something else is wrong.Fine,Fine,Fine.I will have to deal with it.I do not know if I can anymore,but I am going to try.Believe me.
The doctors also told me that a stroke is evident at anytime.Wow!Try living with that one.Oh,and by the way it could also be a heart attack.Every time I try to fathom every thing out,I just try to turn my mind off.I did deal with the "Cirrhosis" of the liver.I have learned to live with the lung cancer and emphysema.I just don"t know if this anticipation of death all the time could be too healthy on the mind.
This is just another brick in the wall .I can only pray that I will start to take a brick away or so,until there is no wall.
I also found a great site for information on "Lung Cancer".You can visit there at
Thank You all for stopping by.
so remember til next time



Sunday, June 27, 2010

FATAL DIAGNOSIS:Not Dealing with Dying.


Hello all.I have the test results back.

Not only am I dying,but I am dying soon.

I now have to ask myself the question.How do I feel about actually dying.

I'll tell you.

I am already dead in my mind.I cannot let it all sink in right now.I guess I just don"t want to accept it.

Yes ,Folks,my results from the kidney scan revealed that I have lost my right kidney and my left one is partially blocked.

My lung cancer is back with suspicious findings.My,Oh,My.

I have written before about how many times I have beat the odds on death.

I have also been truly blessed and have not been short of many miracles.

I have lived with emphysema,and have,so far,not had to use oxygen.I am a four and a half year survivor of lung cancer.I should have died in 2002,with cirrhosis of the liver.My liver regenerated,though I still have the disease.I should have been disfigured from "Bells Palsy",but only a minor facial affect.I have had a stroke and two heart attacks.I am here writing this now.

That was and is the past.The present holds for me the fact that my kidneys are failing.It is a matter of when,and mostly how.The doctors say that it will be a stoke or a heart attack most likely.

WOW!What a plateful I have now.

I am however known for my positive attitude on here and will try to remain so.

My name,Believe,is being put to the test.

I will try to keep a smile on my face,so....

Til next time remember



Saturday, June 05, 2010

Diagnosis:Lung Cancer:Looking Back

It was just over four years ago that I was diagnosed with lung cancer.Lately,I have been trying to recall what led up to that.
I remember the coughing.It was an uncontrollable cough.For five months I was treated for pneumonia with antibiotics.I finally realised that this was more serious,and my doctor had a CT scan done in January 06.They removed a two inch tumor from the lobe of my right lung two weeks later.I had stage 1 lung cancer of the lung.
My operation was very invasive,leaving me alive,but with a twelve inch scar,and a part of my body missing.
There was no choice,and no other option.It was the right decision.I would not be here had they not caught it on time.I also credit good communication with my doctors for the quickness in which they reacted.
I wasn't in any real pain,before they found the cancer.I guess when I look at photos from then though,I see that I was haggard looking,and very tired.
Now ,all this time later,I actually feel worse than before.My emphysema has ,of course worsened since the operation.The doctor has found what looks like a return of something on my lung again.He has ordered more tests.He doesn't think my odds are very good for going under for surgery,so he is speaking about chemo or radiation.
That is so scary for me.I think I will put up with the pain and do a lot of praying,because I hear chemo is not so fun.Maybe I should call Dr.Krevokian.Just kidding.I will do what ever the doctors say,to keep on living.I am just being given some challenges now,and I have faced many before.I will be alright,and maybe even learn along the way.
All my bad worries and fears are in the future.It is the very near future, but today,I will enjoy what I have ,now.
I have been writing on here for over four years.I know there are those of you who follow my story,but I am attracting new readers who probably do not know what I am talking about in my posts.I will talk more about the physical effects of the lung cancer,and most of all the toll it takes on so many folks involved.I want to go back and let you newbies maybe release some of your fears after a diagnosis,or at least understand some of your options
I hope I can help,someway.

So remember til next time



Thursday, May 20, 2010

Mine is;To Do or Die

Hello Everyone.
I am now starting to accept all the trials I have in front of me.I suppose the not dealing with everything finally has caught up to me.
I found out ,after waiting in fear for four months,that the MRA test I am having on May 25th is Not the operation on the kidneys.I was under the assumption that they were going to put a stent in my renal artery that day.It turns out this is the test to focus on the renal area and determine whether or not to operate.The previous test revealed renal stenosis,enlarged bile duct,and the damaged liver.When they finally make the diagnosis,it will be the time to run and hide or face it.
If I run ,I face kidney failure,or at least having to go on a dialysis machine for the rest of my life.If I have the stent put in the renal artery,I risk complications of infection,that could be fatal.I suppose I am dead if I do and dead if I don't.What a decision,that really is up to me.I hope my doctors will choose the right way,but it is going to ultimately be my decision,isn't it?I will play that hand,when it is dealt.
Further tests with regard to my lung cancer are being planned.I see a doctor for my emphysema soon as well.They are saying I will be going on oxygen,but I still am breathing,and that is good enough for me.I know I can't do too much without getting breathless,but I really don't have too much to do physically anyway. The heat kind of gets me down on some days,but the air conditioning works too.
Yes,that's me.I sure do like side stepping the truth lately.My positive attitude has needed to kick in a lot more of late,but it works.
I think of how fortunate I am.My pain is bearable,I am still living a normal life.I am able to get around without an oxygen tank.
When I was stricken with "Bell's Palsy" in 2000,I suffered a slight defect in the nerves of my upper lip.I have heard of so many others that suffered far more severe effects.My stroke this year has left a few effects on me,but again,not as severe as some and not fatal,like so many strokes are.My lung cancer is still at stage 1.It has been four years.How wonderful is that!
You see,If you see things on the possitive ,it can lift your spirits a lot.

Remember,til next time



Saturday, May 08, 2010

Lungs in Limbo

Oncologist for my lungs was seen last week.The lung cancer has shown up again on the chest x-ray.That fear I have had every 4-6 months has come true.The situation now is to have further tests ,as he doesn't trust just the chest one.He wants a CT scan,which will distinguish the difference of a tumor or no tumor.He thinks that the emphysema is very bad and that I have a scar from recent pneumonia,so there is still some hope on that.On either of those possibilities it is hard for me to know which one I Hope it is.I have been definitely left in limbo.
My breathing seems to be getting worse now.I try to blame it on old age,but I am not that hold.I already have to face the fact that I smoked for 40+ years and caused most of this.Lungs are sure important,and I guess we take them for granted some time.I can't repair my lungs,but I still might be able to save my life.My doctor will probably preform another "lobectomy",a removal of the lobe of the lung.He has warned me that I will be on oxygen after the operation.If I make the operation.I am considered high risk for surgery at this point,so he might go the chemotherapy route.Of course,I am just thinking out loud now,cause I won't really know anything for a while,as we all know,the system is backed up.
I am also in a kidney limbo as well.They have me booked for an MRA on May 25th.That is a Renal Angioplasty, that is invasive surgery.I am so petrified .I have read and heard from my doctors that there are risks and lots of complications.They say I have "Renal Stenosis",that is narrowing of the renal artery that leads to the kidney.They do this so my blood pressure quits getting so high and has a chance to cause another heart attack or stroke,and because if the artery gets shut off,I will die of kidney failure.Here is my dilemma.I am not in any pain,so I do not want to go.I feel that when I am hurting they can do that then.What do you think?What would you do?
This might be a case of the risks out weighing the benefits.
My idea of handling all this stuff on my plate right now,is to go sit outside,listen to the birds as they mate and nest,and forget about things for awhile.
Thanks again for listening.

We have lost another cancer friend,Marilynn,from the website
There are some beautiful writings there to read on the blog.My heart goes out to the family.
I would also like to Thank You Karen and everybody that contributes for the wonderful informational site at
I have learned a lot about my COPD from the wonderful stories and facts that you share.
Remember til next time



Saturday, April 17, 2010

Facing the Truth

The time has come folks.They are unveiling the hidden object.I want to look away in Case it is hideous,I want to look just so I know.
The test results are in.Actually,it is many test results.My kidneys are failing,the ct scan revealed a stroke or possible tumors on my brain,and the EKG for the heart shows I have had a heart attack in the past and that with everything else,including the lung cancer and hypertension,I am certainly on the"its going to happen again list".
This is really mind boggling.
Sure,as some of you have noted,I have a positive attitude.I have also NOT been in severe pain,nor have I had to go through chemotherapy.I am just in the waiting game stage.
This last month has me getting a little worried.I think I am starting to fear the worse.Maybe if I think of all the bad things that could happen,I might be able to be more realistic of the truth.
I have some options medically.I am not a doctor,but I have the internet to review some procedures that will be required,and I can only trust that I make the right decisions.
When the oncologist found my lung cancer,in minutes I was being booked for surgery.I had No choice.I made the right decision.
Yes,I am strong,and have a bit of capability on dealing with a lot.I am also guilty of not dealing with it at all.
I am going to have to grow up and face the facts.
I hope my positive attitude is not lost in the truth,and that I keep an open and trusting mind.
Thank You for all your letters and comments.It is through knowing there are others that are going through this cancer and all the other problems,that makes me feel like I am not alone.

So remember til next time



Saturday, April 03, 2010


I apologize for the delay in my posts.
I have been around and back in my mind and my body of late.
I had been left with so many questions last time I wrote.I am now facing the answers.
I saw my cardiac specialist yesterday,to be told that I will most likely have a heart attack or else my kidneys are going to fail.Well!Try to absorb that diagnosis.Personally,I do not think I have allowed it to sink in yet.
I was okay with the waiting for all the results,now,much better than knowing.
They have also found other things like "Gout"I do not even know what that is,but I do not seem to have any symptoms.
This news is still so fresh to me.I want to put off any decisions about the options I was given until I see my Lung Cancer doctor on May 5th.I guess that sounds like an excuse?
I was accepted at a place of employment where I had been trying to get into for three years.I am on call for a position there.I suppose now that my plans are on hold.That saddens me,as I actually thought that working again would help me to keep looking forward to the next day.
I had planned a trip for the first time in 40 years,and maybe the last time.I will have to cancel my plans on that as well,I guess.
So much about living every day in the moment,cause sometimes the moments aren't so pleasant.
I am whining again.
I do have a happy bit of news to share.I have been given a chihuahua puppy that helps keep my mind on her instead of myself all the time.She needs me,so instead of me receiving all the time I can give too.
Lung Cancer,Emphysema,Heart attack,stroke,kidney disease,gout, and now high cholesterol to boot.
I am still breathing,so there is still a chance.L.O.L.
I have so much I want to do,but I suppose there will be a bit of delay.I guess I have "Frozen Assets".

Til next time remember



Sunday, March 14, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me

I am so happy to be here for my 59th birthday on March 17th,St.Patrick's Day.
The lung cancer diagnosis,prior to my birthday in February 2006,was definitely not a time to expect even another one year.
Am I wiser?I think I have become more conscious of my life.I feel more control in my decisions.My priorities have changed.I now look before I leap.Yes,I think I am wiser.
I am also a Little more afraid.The reality of all of my problems sink in more everyday.
My latest diagnosis of possible renal failure and kidney disease has got me down a bit.
The lung cancer,emphysema,cirrhosis,heart attack and stroke and now this has kept me awake a few nights.
Sometimes I think that I will not worry til I have to.Sometimes I think I need to worry,or at least face some truths,so that I will be able to deal with all the consequences later.You really have to be realistic at this stage of the game also.
I still try to be positive.I know that doesn't change the way things are,but it gets me a better energy,and makes the days more pleasant.
At this moment,at this time,I am content and not in pain,for which I am thankful.
I will have my husband and sons with me on my day,and I will silently pray to God and Thank him for giving me four more years.

Til next time...Remember..



Tuesday, March 02, 2010


Welcome everyone.I have been a bit behind on my posts,as I have been awaiting test results from different doctors.
My brain scan revealed that I had a stroke.They can not say when I had it,but I definitely remember having it.I had such a bad headache and everything went blurry,and I vomited.I had that happen in May of 2009.I had had similar situations and with not feeling too bad for the next few days I did nothing about it.I finally arranged a scan for July and of course I waited til September for the results.I have a very short memory now,and I become a bit backwards in some things.I type funny sometimes and I can't remember words as well.I am very very lucky though as strokes can be fatal,and have many more lasting effects.I am blessed once again.
I also mentioned last post about waiting for the MRI results.I got the not so good news a few days ago.They suspect that I have "renal stenosis".They said that the artery in my kidney is pinched off and causing the high,uncontrolled blood pressure I have.They are doing another MRI to focus just on that area.They said that one of my kidneys had decreased in capacity.My God,What next.
I am still here though.I am trying to look forward to our spring and summer here.I will enjoy going for a walk when I can.
My breathing is still okay,but it takes very little to get out of breath lately.
I have an appointment in may to see the lung cancer doctor for my six month check up.It is my biggest worry.I figure my cancer with a bad heart and now bad kidneys isn't so good.I really do still "believe" though,that everything will be all right,but also sometimes I have to think of the reality of it all.I know where all this is going,and its not pretty,but for now,I can walk,talk,and breathe,and really,what more can I ask for?
I have the support of my husband and family,and all of you who continue to read my journeys and send me prayers and well wishes.I really" believe" that you have all helped me through this and will continue to do so.
Thank You.



Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Hello,Welcome to my blog on lung cancer,and other diseases that wreak havoc with ones' body and mind.

I have written lately of all the diagnostic tests that we have to determine our physical dilemmas.The tests that take a long time to wait for to do,and sometimes too long to get the results.

I really am fed up with all the tests,but I can tell you,the waiting is bad and unfortunately the results can be worse.

Today I wait for my phone to ring to tell me the results of an MRI that was done on my abdomen.They are looking for Pancreatic Cancer,Liver Cancer,kidney stones,or any other abnormality they can find.

Yes,Just wonderful isn't it.Now is the part where I tell myself that everything will be okay.If I hear the phone ring,I know my heart will stop for a minute,as I think they wouldn't call if all was alright.If the call doesn't come today,I will still start thinking about what will happen when it does.

Then it will be time to face the facts.

I get these scares all the time.I deal with the results all the time.I will admit though ,I have never had serious decisions to make,as some people do.I did of course choose to have the right lobe of my lung removed to prevent the cancer from spreading,and that was a great decision.

I have never had to be told I needed chemo.I have never been told I had to make a choice to save my life,by losing something else.Yes,I have been blessed.

But I do know that when I was told I had three months to live,I went into shock for quite awhile,and was unable to make any decisions.I was told that in 2002,and in that case,I am glad I kept on believing.

There is not much we can do when the diagnosis is terminal.The doctors can fix us physically,and hopefully with family support we can get through it with a little less pain.
I do believe "peace" is an inner thought and feeling.
I have laid in pain with my gritted teeth,but I have allowed my mind to think pleasant thoughts,and that really helps take me away for awhile.
I write this blog,not as a person who is really suffering.I read other blogs and there are so many more cancer patients that are terminal.I have read of their great heroism's,and accomplishments in their lives.
I speak as a typical patient,anxiously awaiting the next step,on this road of self discovery,Cancer.
There are so many cancers and not many cures.
You might like to read others blogs at

I have lung cancer,and maybe a couple of other cancers,but it doesnt matter the name of the disease,as it will affect most everyone the same.

Hoping to end on a happier note next post.
Til then remember



Sunday, January 17, 2010

A New Year Begins

Welcome.I would like to wish all of you a very Healthy,Happy New Year.

I also would at this time express my condolences to the people of Haiti,and all the loved ones this catastrophe has affected.

I find myself hesitating to write this post of my worries and troubles,as I almost feel that I have no right to complain,when others have so much more to worry about.

I managed to have a good safe Christmas with family this year.I did have a scare and was taken by ambulance to a hospital.My blood pressure was so high I was almost convulsing.I was given an EKG,and it was determined that I was not in immediate danger.I was released the next day,with plans to see an internal medicine doctor.They said that with the continuous hypertension the last year ,they had to do some tests to see why I have the high blood pressure.I am going for an MRI today ,of the abdomen which will see the kidneys,liver,pancreas and stomach.There could be a blockage,or an artery that is being pinched off.

I hate that I am starting this New Year with all these tests again.

I am thankful though that with all my problems,there have been no real negative results.

I have lung cancer,emphysema,cirrhosis of the liver,fibromalgia and apparently my tests have revealed I had a silent heart attack and recently the brain scan showed I had a stroke.It all seems so unreal to believe that one person can survive all those ordeals and still go on.I hope that I am living proof,that with faith and a positive attitude ,we can work wonders.

I also find it hard to believe how good I actually feel.I am not on oxygen for the emphysema.My lung cancer is still,after three years at stage1,and there has been no more growths in that area.I practise posture exercises for my fibromalgia,and get relief from the application of heat.I cant say I can complain too much.I do wish to find out what makes me feel unwell,so I have a lot of specialists and tests to get to the heart of the matter,before it is too late.
The doctors at the hospital have given me a scare a few times lately.They do not realise at first that I have a lobe missing on my right lung,so when they listen with the stethoscope,they listen again.One nurse said I should listen to my lungs,and I did.They are all crackly,and really congested.I am supposing that with the emphysema,it is making it worse.
We are having great weather up north here in Canada for this time of year.I am really looking forward to getting out in the fresh air more.
Thank You all again for your comments.I apologize for the late post,but I have had a lot on my plate.This last seven days,I have been at a doctor five times.This last month I was in the emergency three times.I am hoping now to enjoy the time I have til the results from the MRI come in.I am getting mentally prepared for the diagnosis.This is the second time they have tested me for pancreatic cancer and liver cancer.Believe me,the wait for these results are actually worse than all those tests.You try to see yourself now,and then you have to try to imagine the consequences of what your future could be like.The diagnosis part is the worst.
I will let you all know this week when I find out the results.
Also,I would like to mention that there are other diseases that effect the lungs.It is not just smoking.It is a disease called"MESOTHELIOMA".It is caused by a gene mutation,and affects the lining covering the lungs.If you have concerns regarding this disease,you might want to find some information at



welcome.It is a blessing to be here with you today. I will begin from the last post .It has been awhile since I posted and hope I can catch...