Welcome everyone.I have been a bit behind on my posts,as I have been awaiting test results from different doctors.
My brain scan revealed that I had a stroke.They can not say when I had it,but I definitely remember having it.I had such a bad headache and everything went blurry,and I vomited.I had that happen in May of 2009.I had had similar situations and with not feeling too bad for the next few days I did nothing about it.I finally arranged a scan for July and of course I waited til September for the results.I have a very short memory now,and I become a bit backwards in some things.I type funny sometimes and I can't remember words as well.I am very very lucky though as strokes can be fatal,and have many more lasting effects.I am blessed once again.
I also mentioned last post about waiting for the MRI results.I got the not so good news a few days ago.They suspect that I have "renal stenosis".They said that the artery in my kidney is pinched off and causing the high,uncontrolled blood pressure I have.They are doing another MRI to focus just on that area.They said that one of my kidneys had decreased in capacity.My God,What next.
I am still here though.I am trying to look forward to our spring and summer here.I will enjoy going for a walk when I can.
My breathing is still okay,but it takes very little to get out of breath lately.
I have an appointment in may to see the lung cancer doctor for my six month check up.It is my biggest worry.I figure my cancer with a bad heart and now bad kidneys isn't so good.I really do still "believe" though,that everything will be all right,but also sometimes I have to think of the reality of it all.I know where all this is going,and its not pretty,but for now,I can walk,talk,and breathe,and really,what more can I ask for?
I have the support of my husband and family,and all of you who continue to read my journeys and send me prayers and well wishes.I really" believe" that you have all helped me through this and will continue to do so.
Thank You.




Daria said…
Thinking of you ...
madison said…
I'm sending you my prayers and unconditional loving kindness. Thank you for sharing your story.

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