Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Lying in Wait

Thank You all for your concerns and well wishes.

I saw my lung doctor last week.I had a chest xray,and Thank God,the cancer growth has NOT returned on my lung.He felt my neck ,and the lymph nodes area.He noticed that the lymph nodes were swollen,but didnt seem concerned at this point.

That is wonderful news.

I think I mentioned in my last

post that I was scheduled for an ultra sound of the heart,also.I had a stress test on the tread mill with all the wires attached to monitor my vitals.I have yet to receive the results on that test.I have apparently had a heart attack in the past,so they say.I think I would have remembered,but they say it must have been a "silent" heart attack,so that is why they are checking me out.

I developed a swollen face a month ago ,as well,and had all my doctors quite concerned.The reason they were concerned was that a swollen face with lung cancer can be something called"superior vena cara obstuction".That is when the lung cancer grows and causes an obstruction on the main vein in the body.The chest xray showed no signs of the disease.

That is also good news.

Now I must try to diagnose the reason for the swelling of the face.I have had almost every blood test known to man and mris and chest xrays,and everything turned out negative.I will work with my GP to obtain some more blood work to clear this up.The appearance of my face is not a worry.The fact that this could be connected to something more serious is.

The doctors had thought it was an allergy to a new drug they put me on,but as it turns out that was Not the case,the mystery goes on.

I am so thankful for the results of the lung cancer not returning that I can see a little clearer into another day.

The heart results will matter as what I will still be able to do.I am concerned,but do not want to sit and worry until it is time.

I haven't posted on here for awhile due to going through a bad spell for the last couple of months.I hope to keep you posted on the latest results of this crazy,but incredible journey more often in the future.

Thanks again all...

Til next time




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