Thursday, October 17, 2013

Bless the Lord!Seven Years and still Here

Welcome back to all my faithful readers,and Welcome to my new friends.
I have not posted on here for over a year so here goes some past news for my readers that are here for the first time and an update to those that have been following me for seven years.
 I was diagnosed with (BAC) Lung canser non small cell of the right lobe of my lung.I had a removel of that lobe and have remained lung cancer free for 7.5 years.Please read from the beginning of my blog to try to understand the emotional side of this deadly Cancer and all cancers to find how it affects everyone in the families of the victims.
For myself,this past year has been one of hope and of disappointment.That seems quite normal,but to me its been a run of "Murphey's Law".I am being doctored all over.I have a spevcialist for my every complaint.I have an oncologist for my lungs,a nephrologist(kidney) for my loss of one kidney 2 years ago.
The last eight months,I have been almost completely bad ridden with three compressed fractures of the spinal column.Well,I feel like I missed my spring and my summer,and I missed writing my posts.
I am on a wait to see program with my doctors with regard to the cancer or cancers,as the case might be.It seems my doctor is quiter concerned about my recent three months of coughing,and shortness of breath.He is talking oxygen and perhaps another removel of a lobe or chemo.It is all getting scary again.
I lost another family e  member to Cancer a few weeks ago.He was only 50 yrs old.He left a family.There have been so many deaths from cancer over the last ten years it seems.
I am pretty healthy compared to other cancer vicyims.I many other health problems but I am learning to cope with the good days and bad.I also have great support from my husband.
I promise I will write more often,and stay tuned for more info on dealing with your cancer,emotions and spirit.

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