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Radon and Lung Cancer - The Connection

and Lung Cancer – The Connection

even the heaviest of smokers, knows that cigarettes can cause lung
cancer. But not many people know that there’s a substance
called radon that’s the second-highest contributor to the
number of lung cancer deaths. Radon, for those of you in the dark, is
a radioactive gas that’s released from the natural uranium
present in rocks, water and the soil.

connection between lung cancer and radon was first discovered when
large numbers of workers in uranium mines died of the disease. And
for non-smokers who are surprised to find themselves diagnosed with
lung cancer, you don’t have to look further than radon for the

homes are more exposed to radon than others because of their
proximity to soil that’s rich in uranium. Apartments that are
at the basement level and ground and first floors, and houses that
are tightly insulated are prone to have higher levels of radiation
from radon because they may be built on soil that contains a large
amount of ura…