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Happy Birthday to Me

I am so happy to be here for my 59th birthday on March 17th,St.Patrick's Day.
The lung cancer diagnosis,prior to my birthday in February 2006,was definitely not a time to expect even another one year.
Am I wiser?I think I have become more conscious of my life.I feel more control in my decisions.My priorities have changed.I now look before I leap.Yes,I think I am wiser.
I am also a Little more afraid.The reality of all of my problems sink in more everyday.
My latest diagnosis of possible renal failure and kidney disease has got me down a bit.
The lung cancer,emphysema,cirrhosis,heart attack and stroke and now this has kept me awake a few nights.
Sometimes I think that I will not worry til I have to.Sometimes I think I need to worry,or at least face some truths,so that I will be able to deal with all the consequences later.You really have to be realistic at this stage of the game also.
I still try to be positive.I know that doesn't change the way things are,but it gets me a better…


Welcome everyone.I have been a bit behind on my posts,as I have been awaiting test results from different doctors.
My brain scan revealed that I had a stroke.They can not say when I had it,but I definitely remember having it.I had such a bad headache and everything went blurry,and I vomited.I had that happen in May of 2009.I had had similar situations and with not feeling too bad for the next few days I did nothing about it.I finally arranged a scan for July and of course I waited til September for the results.I have a very short memory now,and I become a bit backwards in some things.I type funny sometimes and I can't remember words as well.I am very very lucky though as strokes can be fatal,and have many more lasting effects.I am blessed once again.
I also mentioned last post about waiting for the MRI results.I got the not so good news a few days ago.They suspect that I have "renal stenosis".They said that the artery in my kidney is pinched off and causing the high,un…