Thursday, May 04, 2006

Extra!Extra!Read all about it!

The results are in.The pathology report was given to me last week.
Right upper lobe of lung;"BRONCHIOLOALVEOLAR CARCINOMA".
In laymens terms,it WAS Lung Cancer.
It seems that it had not spread to other areas,as of yet.I am so glad that I did not put the operation off,as I had first intended.
Unfortunately though the journey is not over yet.They have found a lump on my breast and I will be having a biopsy next week to determine the outcome of that.
This all just began on Feb.1st and I have had one major operation",Lobectomy",and now this deal with a breast cancer suspicion.
I am also happy though to report that I have quit smoking.It has taken me a bit but I am moving along well with a lot of changes.
They have also confirmed"SUBPLEURAL EMPHYSEMATOUS BULLAE" are present in my lungs.Yes,I have emphysema also.
I do however want to share with you that I am still of good spirit,and I believe that state of mind has been the biggest factor in my quick recovery.
I will let you know of my latest test results as soon as I get them.
Take Care



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