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The four month wait is over.I saw my surgeon last Wednesday.
There is no return of the"CANCER".I am still at stage 1,or so I believe.
My heart was pounding as I waited for the x-ray results.
I tell you,I went through everybody and everything in my life that day and the days leading up to the appointment.I could actually feel my heart in my stomach.I was so happy to hear that the x-ray looked good that I almost ran out of the room.I forgot to even ask any questions.I am just starting to relax a little now,I think I was in shock.

It has been almost a year since they diagnosed me with"Lung Cancer".I have since had the "lobectomy" to remove a tumor, as well as the right lobe of my lung.I was very fortunate to have had the CT scan and it was detected on time.I do know that some cancers have progressed too far by time of detection and therefore are not able to be surgically repaired.
I am one of the fortunate.I can say that now,as I recall my doubts this last year.