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Feeling like I'm Fixing to Die

Hello everyone.It has been awhile since my last post,sorry.The fact is I have had no more news on my kidney failure,liver or lung cancer.I am again caught up in the system.My new doctor wants to start all over again.She thinks that perhaps my liver might have caused my kidney to fail.My right kidney is completely occluded at this point.I have already had the two MRI's that have determined what is going on,they just do not know why.We do know that the kidneys were damaged by "Hypertension",which is high blood pressure.I have been in and out of emergency rooms for 1.5 years now.When I went there I was checked for a heart attack and released.I wasn't given any follow up or information with regard to this causing kidney failure.I know now why they call high blood pressure the silent killer.I also have a cirrhosis of the liver,which is now causing even greater problems.They have me scheduled now for an ultrasound of the liver.You know,through all this,I have never been …