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All I Want For Christmas is...

I would like to wish you all a very merry holiday season.
I,myself,find it hard to believe that it is Christmas.The days to me seem to go by so fast.I guess that is because I am trying to live a long life,in the short life I have been given.
This time of year is hard on everybody.There are so many extra tasks that need to be done.It is even more tense on those that do not feel very well.
I am the type of person who,no matter how I have felt,have always managed to put and keep a smile on my face.I am one to not let anyone know that I am in pain.This year I am finding that that is getting a little more difficult to do.
I have been to the malls a few times,but the walking is really taking my breath away.My Emphysema is getting worse.
I also found out from the brain scan that I had a couple of strokes of the brain.I am told the strokes must have been mild,as I ,Thank God,have not had any major residual affects.I have found though,that my memory has suffered some impairment.I have also noticed …