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A Picture Says A Thousand Words

I have just gotten my results back for the chest xray.I waited the last six months for a five minute appointment.In that picture of my chest was my future.
When I go to the doctor,that day an xray of the chest is taken.You take your xray to the front desk and then you get called in to see the surgeon/oncologist.You wait to exhale when he looks at it.
I am so very happy and Thankful to report to you that my xray showed No signs of the cancer returning to the previous area of the right lobe of the lung.
My doctor has however ordered a Cat Scan ,to be able to really see any tumors that might be hiding.
I am still short of breath with the emphysema.I so far do not have to take oxygen,but I might ask for some for the evenings.
So,I shall move on now to planning Christmas with my family and pray they do not find anything else.



Lung Cancer Diagnosis Dilema

I still feel like I am in shock.I remember the day my doctor told me he had found a 2 inch tumor on my lung.I am sure that at that time the old me ran and hid somewhere else,and I do not know if I can find her again.
There are days that I think in the third person.I try to sit on my sideline,and ponder what I would have been doing,had this not happened.
I guess God has a plan for me,but the road to it is not so easy at times.
I guess it must be worth fighting for,and I know that is what keeps me going.
My upper back,or what I call my lungs,has been very sore lately.I have pain in the left side.I had the cancer removed from my right lung,so maybe it has spread?

Diagnosis of any fatal disease must be so hard for everybody.The lung cancer is a bad one.There are so many people with so many emotions through all of this.I know my family is sad to see me sad.
There are days I think that I am becoming impatient with all the doctor appointments.Those days are thankfully getting fewer,as I try …