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I am Scared,but not because of Halloween

Hello all!Thank you Sue,and the best of luck in the future, and all the others that left a comment.All of your well wishes and prayers,really make a difference in my life.I really do not have a lot of friends.My husband retired a few years ago,and that is when I got ill.We have always spent most ,in fact all of our time together,so sometimes now it gets a little too quiet.So,Please keep writing,I appreciate it.
I am having such respiratory problems lately.
I am dealing with Pneumonia,again.In fact since May,this is the third time.NOT GOOD!
I have the part of my lung removed,and I have severe Emphysema.I am very frightened that I will be going on oxygen in the very near future.I really am in dire straits.
Last month I could walk around the malls,today,I am having a hard time to even bend over.With the H 1N1 out,I really do not think I want to go to an emergency room,because of all the germs floating around in there.I have all the signs of that flu,and definitely have the horrible aches an…


Welcome everyone.I am guilty of not writing lately.We had our youngest son with us for the summer,so things got a bit crazy around here.We are used to our own space,so it set me back a bit.
To bring you up to date....They did the Brain scan on September 9th.I contacted my GPs receptionist,who said they found something abnormal,but they wanted me to take the contrast dye to be able to focus more on what they found.Well,Here I am almost a month later waiting for another CT scan.The report shows I have or have had an "Infarction" of the brain.Now folks,this means I have had a stroke.Well,I am the most surprised as I am sure I would have shown some residual affects from such.I am so worried now,because what if I am having a stroke,and their delay could cause me death or disability.I know our medical system is busy, but I would think they would give me another scan right away.I am taking baby aspirin for now,and praying that this isn't another year of worry.
If I have had a str…