Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Lung Cancer: The beginning,again

Another four month check up coming.This appointment is for the surgeon who did my lung operation.
Here we go again.I really haven't had much of a break from all the doctors the last few months,so this is very tiring.
I will have a chest xray,again,then he will put it in the light,and then tell me whether or not the cancer has returned,or gone on to stage 2.
This appointment is the worst.I find myself in the waiting room making so many promises to myself.I sit there thinking of all the things I meant to do,four months ago.I wonder if I will get another chance.
I am calling this post the beginning again,as it is always like the first time.
When you get a diagnosis of Cancer,your world stands still for what seems like forever.You will come back to reality pretty fast though,because there will be so many decisions you will have to make.
Depending on whether you had the blessing to get an early diagnosis,you might have to decide along with your doctor to have surgery or chemo.
I was able to have the right lobe of my lung removed and for the last three years all check ups have been good news.
I am glad to have made the decision for the operation.My odds were not good for surgery,but I not only survived,I had no complications,and till now,no other treatment,Thank God.
For those of you who are not familiar with any of my posts,and have no idea what I am talking about ,please read


Thank You for your comments and prayers.
I will keep you posted on the results.

Til then Remember



Thursday, April 09, 2009

Looking for Hope?

Welcome again to everyone.
I am aware that most of my visitors are going through lung cancer,or know someone who is.You are the ones that I write this blog for.
Three years ago,I went to the internet for some answers,many answers.
When you are diagnosed with"Lung Cancer" or any possibly fatal disease,most of us just want to know.

When they told me I had cancer,I went blank.You never think it will happen to you,so most of the time we are not prepared.
I went to the computer and typed in lung cancer,and lo and behold,there were others that were going through this.I just felt so much better.
My point on this post is just to say that I am not an authority on lung cancer,but I would like to say that I will continue to write about the emotional part of all this and hope that you to will read my previous posts,and that you too will come to Believe.




welcome.It is a blessing to be here with you today. I will begin from the last post .It has been awhile since I posted and hope I can catch...