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FATAL DIAGNOSIS:Not Dealing with Dying.


Hello all.I have the test results back.

Not only am I dying,but I am dying soon.

I now have to ask myself the question.How do I feel about actually dying.

I'll tell you.

I am already dead in my mind.I cannot let it all sink in right now.I guess I just don"t want to accept it.

Yes ,Folks,my results from the kidney scan revealed that I have lost my right kidney and my left one is partially blocked.

My lung cancer is back with suspicious findings.My,Oh,My.

I have written before about how many times I have beat the odds on death.

I have also been truly blessed and have not been short of many miracles.

I have lived with emphysema,and have,so far,not had to use oxygen.I am a four and a half year survivor of lung cancer.I should have died in 2002,with cirrhosis of the liver.My liver regenerated,though I still have the disease.I should have been disfigured from "Bells Palsy",but only a minor facial affect.I have had a stroke and two heart attacks.I am here writing this now.


Diagnosis:Lung Cancer:Looking Back

It was just over four years ago that I was diagnosed with lung cancer.Lately,I have been trying to recall what led up to that.
I remember the coughing.It was an uncontrollable cough.For five months I was treated for pneumonia with antibiotics.I finally realised that this was more serious,and my doctor had a CT scan done in January 06.They removed a two inch tumor from the lobe of my right lung two weeks later.I had stage 1 lung cancer of the lung.
My operation was very invasive,leaving me alive,but with a twelve inch scar,and a part of my body missing.
There was no choice,and no other option.It was the right decision.I would not be here had they not caught it on time.I also credit good communication with my doctors for the quickness in which they reacted.
I wasn't in any real pain,before they found the cancer.I guess when I look at photos from then though,I see that I was haggard looking,and very tired.
Now ,all this time later,I actually feel worse than before.My emphysema has ,of cou…