Friday, November 13, 2009


Hello again.I have wonderful news to report.My six month check up with my lung oncologist was a few days ago As you might remember,I have been so worried the cancer might have spread.I had an xray and the results were;NO RETURN of the Cancer.Next appointment six months.
Thank You all for your prayers and well wishes,they worked again.I am now a 3.5 yr survivor of Lung Cancer.Yahoo!
My third bout of pneumonia is easing now,another round of antibiotics finished.My breathing is still a problem with the emphysema,but I am doing more breathing exercises and it is helping during the trying times.
I have just checked with my worker with my disability payments,and they said I could start a job,and they will continue with my benefits for up to a certain amount of income.I did apply and got a chance for an interview with the Government for a great position.I have to take a test and then they place you accordingly.The position is temporary,for about 2-4 mos.I am not sure how it is going to go,as it sure has been a while since I was out there.It is just that the disability payments are so low,no one can manage on them.I really hope it works out for me,as being around other people make this illness thing ,seem not so bad.I am not catchy,so no one has to worry.
They still have not given me the Brain Scan yet.I am amazed at how they could do that.The first scan showed I had a stroke,but they wanted to clarify it by repeating it.wouldn't you think it would matter to do it quickly?I know that a mild stroke can and usually leads to a major stroke.I apparently got very lucky on the last one and I have not suffered any residual effects.I sure do not need to be paralyzed on top of everything else.

Well,enough of medical jargon.We have a beautiful fall season happening here right now.I want to enjoy it,as there is a long cold winter ahead.I don't mind winter though,as then I don't feel so bad just sitting around.Ha! Ha!

Til next time remember.....




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