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Hello again.I have wonderful news to report.My six month check up with my lung oncologist was a few days ago As you might remember,I have been so worried the cancer might have spread.I had an xray and the results were;NO RETURN of the Cancer.Next appointment six months.
Thank You all for your prayers and well wishes,they worked again.I am now a 3.5 yr survivor of Lung Cancer.Yahoo!
My third bout of pneumonia is easing now,another round of antibiotics finished.My breathing is still a problem with the emphysema,but I am doing more breathing exercises and it is helping during the trying times.
I have just checked with my worker with my disability payments,and they said I could start a job,and they will continue with my benefits for up to a certain amount of income.I did apply and got a chance for an interview with the Government for a great position.I have to take a test and then they place you accordingly.The position is temporary,for about 2-4 mos.I am not sure how it is going to go,as it…