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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Sweeter than Wine

Welcome friends.
I am so Thankful to be posting once more.I am still in remission from my lung cancer 8 yrs.I have been re reading my past stories to you over the years.I know that all the prayers and well wishes on your comments ,have been a huge part of my mental and physical recovery.Thank You. I am moving along in my life,slow,but with thoughts of life Not death.I would like to post more positive posts in the new year,and also info on lung cancer persons.
I would like to wish everyone a very happy,healthy,New Year.I look forward to hearing from all of you.
til next time
Don't stop Believing!


Thursday, October 17, 2013

Bless the Lord!Seven Years and still Here

Welcome back to all my faithful readers,and Welcome to my new friends.
I have not posted on here for over a year so here goes some past news for my readers that are here for the first time and an update to those that have been following me for seven years.
 I was diagnosed with (BAC) Lung canser non small cell of the right lobe of my lung.I had a removel of that lobe and have remained lung cancer free for 7.5 years.Please read from the beginning of my blog to try to understand the emotional side of this deadly Cancer and all cancers to find how it affects everyone in the families of the victims.
For myself,this past year has been one of hope and of disappointment.That seems quite normal,but to me its been a run of "Murphey's Law".I am being doctored all over.I have a spevcialist for my every complaint.I have an oncologist for my lungs,a nephrologist(kidney) for my loss of one kidney 2 years ago.
The last eight months,I have been almost completely bad ridden with three compressed fractures of the spinal column.Well,I feel like I missed my spring and my summer,and I missed writing my posts.
I am on a wait to see program with my doctors with regard to the cancer or cancers,as the case might be.It seems my doctor is quiter concerned about my recent three months of coughing,and shortness of breath.He is talking oxygen and perhaps another removel of a lobe or chemo.It is all getting scary again.
I lost another family e  member to Cancer a few weeks ago.He was only 50 yrs old.He left a family.There have been so many deaths from cancer over the last ten years it seems.
I am pretty healthy compared to other cancer vicyims.I many other health problems but I am learning to cope with the good days and bad.I also have great support from my husband.
I promise I will write more often,and stay tuned for more info on dealing with your cancer,emotions and spirit.

and Remember



Thursday, September 06, 2012

Facing the Facts or Not?

Welcome back my faithful loyal readers.My delay in writing is good news.
I have survived another summer,and have enjoyed every minute of it.I postponed all my doctor appointments,(which you shouldn't do),and decided that I would stay worry free for a few months.I still have my bad days and the pains get bad now and again ,but the diagnosis the doctors give me,make me worse.
It truly seems that when I think I have one situation of my problems fixed another pops up.I am falling apart a little at a time.
Yes,We all need to face the facts and start to try to make changes in our lives when we have a fatal disease such as lung cancer,heart,kidney or other problems.I do face the truth everyday but sometimes I just don't feel I want to waste time in
Lung Cancer is Brutal.I am so far a very blessed person to have survived my diagnosis in 2006.I do have other areas of cancer as well as lung that I am dealing with now as well.Lung cancer spreads so rapidly to the other organs such as brain and liver.My liver is still doing alright,and ,although my friends might sometimes disagree with me,I am sound in the brain area.My problem seems to be the genetic spread of cancer.I have been treated previously for cervical cancer in the late 90's and am now waiting results from a biopsy of the womb.I have also a few breast cysts that are being checked into.
Now,the list goes on.Would you like to wake up everyday and think  about that "things to do list"?
I still have a date with myself by the end of the month to prepare for all the doctor,patient routine for winter.
So....til then,I will sit back,enjoy a breath of fresh air,and face the facts tomorrow.

til then

Don't Stop Believing!


Sunday, June 10, 2012


Hello,my friends.Yes,I am a walking,talking,living miracle.I have lived through over 9 terminal diagnosis's.I am here today for a reason,that is for sure.You have to have Faith and Believe.As early as 1996,I had one of my first scares with a date made for surgery to remove my breasts.The miracle was,that a doctor took the time to take a second look at the scan and said that there were six cysts and that they could be drained.I left a whole woman.Since then I have suffered Grand Mal seizures,Bells Palsy,two strokes,two heart attacks,and many more.In 2002 I was diagnosed with "Cirrhosis of the Liver".I was given less then 3 months to live.I weighed 87 lbs.I was dying.I prayed.Three months later,and after stopping alcohol my liver began to regenerate and after ten years of sobriety,I have a new liver.In 2006,the diagnosis of lung cancer was a tough one.I was faced with surgery to remove a 2.2" tumor on my right lobe of my lung.Stage 1 lung cancer.My odds of surgery were not good.I had very bad hypertension(high blood pressure) and had already had a heart attack.They got the cancer ,and I survived the operation and have been free of that for 6 years.God Bless.But yes,unfortunately,there is more.The good news,I am here.The bad news,is that I lost a kidney somehow a couple of years ago,and have been diagnosed with fibromalgia,(hardening of the  arteries}.I am also waiting to hear about a biopsy on my womb,as they suspect cancer there now.Oh well,So Far so good,so I keep the faith and most of all.
So my friends.Please keep hoping and praying and even make believe that we can get through a lot of challenges in our life ,sometimes.
Til next time remember....



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Sunday, April 08, 2012

Moving Forward

Welcome back my friends.It is good news that has delayed my posts this time.I have been working/playing a lot lately.I am enjoying my career on a part time basis and loving every minute of it.It helps a little with finances,which have been tough this last year.I have met some wonderful people,been around some great energy and I have felt better the last nine months,(psychologically) than the last six years.I definitely feel that trying to keep busy with ones mind on other activities,plays a big part on dealing with keeping our minds off that which we can not change.I have learned the acceptance part of Lung Cancer,and all my other ailments.I "Believe",I pray ,and I have faith that I will just be given some more time.
I have had a few set backs the last couple months.I developed pneumonia and had to go to the hospital a couple of times.I was lucky and with some medicine for my emphysema,and an antibiotic for the pneumonia I was pleased that I did not succumb to total respiratory failure.I had a cough these last few months though,and that has had me a bit worried.The cough is very similar to the one that previous brought concern to me in 2005.It was this symptom that encouraged me to get a CT scan of the lungs,which of course revealed the Stage 1 Lung Cancer.I had the right lobe of my lung removed and have remained cancer free for six years,Thank God!
I will see my oncologist in May for a check up and another x-ray of the chest and can only pray that the cancer has not returned.He told me that depending on the test he may have to remove another lobe of my lung,or put me on chemo.I do not like any of those options,but one has no choice.
I also have to see my kidney doctor that month.He will determine if my one and only kidney is functioning okay.If it is not he says I will have to go on dialysis or have a transplant.All of these realities,all of theses facts.I do find it hard to think about it all.I like to just wait and see,and NOT worry til its time.
Spring has sprung here,and with that I feel alive myself.I am happy and thankful that I do not have oxygen,yet,for my emphysema.I am so blessed that so far I haven't had to endure any chemo,or any other surgery.
I have bad days,lots of bad days.I also have lots of good days,and those are the ones that count.
When all my appointments with all my doctors are over,maybe I will have to change my plans,but I will also learn to roll with and deal with anything that God has decided for my fate.I believe its a lot to do with attitude.Dealing with cancer,or any terminal disease takes its toll on everyone.You have to have Hope,Faith and also .....


Saturday, February 11, 2012


Hope is the emotional state, the opposite of which is despair, which promotes the belief in a positive outcome related to events and circumstances in one's life.[1] It is the "feeling that what is wanted can be had or that events will turn out for the best" or the act of "look[ing] forward to with desire and reasonable confidence" or "feel[ing] that something desired may happen".[2] Other definitions are "to cherish a desire with anticipation"; "to desire with expectation of obtainment"; or "to expect with confidence

Welcome back everyone.You made my days with all of your comments and well wishes and prayers.Thank You.
You know that trough all my trials I have had to "Believe".I have had Faith.I also have Hope.
We all have those things,those thoughts,that get us through.I know with cancers,and heart disease,kidney disease and copd,fatal diseases,that Hope is all we can do.I will also acknowledge the fact that those people that are  lying in pain in the last stages of dying,lose their hope.
I write on my posts about positive attitude.That my friends is a great remedy.It doesn't cost anything,and we all can do it.We can change our state of mind.We can go to our happy place,we can recall our great memories,but we can mentally survive the toll that cancer takes.
We all can and do have Hope.We Hope and pray that they will find a cure.We hope the chemo works.
We pray.We pray for GOD not to take us from our loved ones,and at times we pray for good to stop our suffering,and let us go.
I do pray everyday,that I can still continue to have Faith,Belief,and mostly hope that I can keep on doing what I am doing,just in the moment,just for the day.
I would like to invite you now,to a song that my brother-in law Charles Chilton wrote after he read my blog.He was able to feel the words I have been trying to express to all my readers.Please have a listen to


Thank You,and remember til next time



Friday, December 23, 2011

New Year of Hopes and Dreams

Merry Christmas and a very Healthy Happy New Year to you all.May all your hopes and dreams come true,now and forever.
I have lots of Hope.I have lots of Dreams.Those two go together.I hope I can always Dream,and I Dream I can always Hope.
I like a New Year.I kind of feel like it is the first day back to school.I will get a new journal,and start to write nice and neat.I am sure I will continue that for awhile,but the truth....I will probably forget to write in it in a few months.L.O.L
My hope is that the lung cancer has not returned to eat me up.I have lost 20 pounds in the last three months,and that was not planned.I guess I am kind of worried,so...Now I will have to put some of my dreams on hold.
I hope that my one and only kidney does not fail.I have chosen not to go on "Dialysis".I am just trying to find the right diet right now to get healthy enough to fight what that throws at me.
I also dream.I dream that I will live another 20 years and I see myself beginning again,and NEVER,EVER,wasting any more time worrying so much again.
But most of all,I Pray,everyday,that I will live every moment like it is my last.I will give and receive love.I will be happy.

P.S I thought after 6 years of posting I would change the old photo.The previous photo showed my "Aura".This photo is the up to date one.I hope now you will know who you are really talking to.L.O.L
Just hard to face the age difference.
I will have a Merry Christmas with my loved ones and be Thankful.

I will have a good year!
so remember til next time....