Welcome,my friends. You have been you on my journey of Lung Cancer,for 15 yrs. Thank you for being here. I found a purpose to share the emotional damage of Cancer.I wrote to you,and myself as a therapy,to stay together in my mind. My title is Never give up Hope,but I can honestly say,that many times during my trials and tribulations,I did give up.There were days,months and years,that I felt like "Whats the point?" When the doctors told me my cancer was spreading,in2015,I left my employment,and with that I felt hopeless. Every day now is a blessing! I will not cure my cancer,but I can change my state of mind. I would love to hear from my readers over the years,to know how they are. Please read my other posts to understand where I am at and where I am going til then Dont stop Believing! And never give up HOPE! believe

HERE we Go Again

 Welcome,and may you all have a wonderful 2021. 2020,hurt was plenty, 2021,may your journey have only begun! I just had hip surgery in November,and unable to walk right now,I had to call paramedics feb.2nd because I couldnt get my breath.When I did cough, it was painful. They diagnosed pneumonia on my left lung,and performed a Ct scan and chest xray. I had just spent 7 weeks in hospital february til april in 2020 from from.H1N1 Influenza,Type A flue,and double pneumonia,and never fully recovered. I am mostly bedridden,and I had a seizure in the hospital after my surgery,so they thought the cancer might have travelled to the brain. Well,dealing with being in bed and loss of drivers license and a scary diagnosis,two months later,as I lied in the intensive care unit they told me that the xray showed a "Compression Fracure" on my vertebrae.The doctor told me that the cancer had metastised to the bones. So,after fighting last year and the beginning of this year,I have had a tough


  Welcome my friends, I have not posted for awhile due to a lot of varied emotions. I have been writing this blog since 2006,my first diagnosis of cancer. I am so blessed and thankful to be here to share my journey with you. I hope you can have faith and hope as you go through your cancer journey as well. I am still at end stage adenocarcinoma.I was diagnosed for this metastic cancer in 2015,and was told to go home,as they could not give me radiation or chemotherapy,as my system was already compromised. It is August 2020,and after a lengthy stay at an ICU,in february to march,6wks,for influenza,and pneumonia,I am about to deal with another ct scan and oncologist report in a week. The flu took a lot out of me,and my frailness shows. My oncoligist told me two months ago that he would consider chemo therapy,and I should think about my options. I tried to,but  I cant seem to consentrate on the unknown. I am already comprimised,and afraid I will feel worse,after such treatments. I am howeve


welcome.It is a blessing to be here with you today. I will begin from the last post .It has been awhile since I posted and hope I can catch you up. My oncologist,for my terminal Andocarcinoma,has written his opinion.He now states that the average life of this cancer is 15 months.I was diagnosed with no treatment available,a DNR,Do not resusitate order April 2016. I did not do anything different,I had given up,but I kept on believing. I was motivated by spirit,though my body has been ill . I really cant explain,but again,I am a Blessing! On March 16th 2019,this year,I was told my aorta,had an abdominal aneurysm.It was sure a surprise to hear from my heart doctor that they can Not do anything,to go home and enjoy any minute. The first diagnosis that I wrote about was in 2006,it was lung cancer.They removed a lobe of my lung then.On November 2015 the xray of my chest found this crippling,death sentence cancer. My God,I cant explain it.The doctors had agreed in January that my canc

Am I Living or Dying?

Welcome back! Just a catch up to new comers.This journey was started in 2006.I had a removal of a lobe in my lung where they found a 2cm cancer tumor.Lots of that info can be found on my 120 posts.You were my journal,my way to get out my feelings,and I know from your comments you appreciated me as well. Now,I am on a different journey,and I would like to share. November 2015,after an xray,pet scan,and surgery to take samples from my lung,I was told I had Terminal stage 4 Andocarcinoma,and it had metastisised to my lymph nodes.It was incurable,and I would have 4 to 9 months. The Dr. spent 15 minutes with me,and said.We want you to have a quality of life."Your health is not good and radiation,and/or chemo could kill you"Wow!It is now 28 months later,and I am here,or am I. I received a letter after my last scan May 10th/2017,that read. "Biopsy proven Adenocarcinom subcarinal tumor has resolved itself.DESPITE NO THERAPY". They were in shock,I had no medications,a

Miracles Do Happen,Again

Welcome,my faithful friends. I have amazing news. I have just gone through the terminal cancer. I have had faith,prayers,and I believed. On May 10th,The doctors report that the 2cm tumor has resolved,despite no therapy. The doctors have not seen this.They will do another scan in November. I have been Blessed! Sorry for the lack of posts,but I am back. I want to tell you to Never,ever,give up. I believe God has a reason to allow me to move on. I can tell you though,its tough to Live,when you are told there is no hope. Financially,its been tough,but I am ready to begin my Life again. I wanted to share this news,and offer my prayers to all of you,and your loved ones. Prayers,saved me! May God Bless all of you who have followed me and sent your prayers. So Remember... Don't Stop Believing Believe

The Death Sentence

Welcome,my faithful friends. I am so grateful to be writing this post to you. I was told by the doctors,all of them,that I would pass,by December 5th. Please,don't ask about when,just have now. For you first time readers,a bit of a catch up on the last year. My first diagnosis of lung cancer was 2006.I had a lobe removed in one lung and carried on,without recurrence until 2013.I started all the symptoms again,coughing,tired,breathless. It wasn't til November last yr. That I got a chest scan that revealed a 2cm.tumor on my wind pipe.It is on the "cardina",which is a lymph node.. My diagnosis is "Adeno Carcinoma with lymph node involvement" The oncologists told me they could not give therapy.Radiation could kill me,but surely put me on oxygen. The chemo doctor had the same opinion. There is no cure or hope for me. I was sent home to die.I have no palliative care,can't afford is,so my husband,who has his own issues helps me. I have a Do Not Recu