Ten Years of Dying

Welcome everyone.The title of this post sounds scary,but the rest of the title should be,"and the next ten years trying".This trial of deadly diagnosis's began way before lung cancer and COPD.This all began with a mammogram of my breasts in 1996.I had a CT scan that showed there were several lumps and they suggested a surgeon remove my breasts and the lumps.I walked into the hospital that day,and an angel appeared to me.The angel was a lady Doctor,who took the time to take a second look at the situation.Yes,Lo! and behold they turned into cysts and were drained and yes ,today I am without Breast Cancer.The following years came with heart and liver and now kidney disease and of course lung cancer.
I still am alive my friends.Yes,I am truly blessed,but I truly"   believe"that with my faith in tomorrow,that I have survived the odds that were against me.I know that when the physical body takes over it can and will win.We have come along way with our technology,and the media is covering the warnings.I would like to see more screening done earliar.I would have liked to have  been told I had the genetic genes that predisposed me to all of my problems.I think knowing would have made a difference in some of the choices i have had to make and made.I think I want to know when I am going to die.The worrying has already killed so much of me.
I am at the stage now where I do not even want to see a doctor.I do not want to touch on cancer subjects.I do not want to find out if I have to have open heart surgery or a kidney transplant.For awhile,I just want to let time and worries slip away.I am enjoying working at my passion again,and those days make me happy.I am really going to try to live the next ten years.
So,I hope on a possitive note.
Til next time ...Remember...




Kathy Garolsky said…
Really helpful for me. Thanks for the informative post.
ishoppharmacy said…
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drkenbattle said…
Wonderful! you are so right and I needed to hear this.
Cancer Haven said…
Thank you for sharing!

My mom was diagnosed with SCLC a couple of weeks ago and just started with the first round of chemo. These kind of blogs are very encouraging!

I'd love for you to join a new Canadian cancer online community and share your story :)


Keep up a good fight and keep posting!

You are an extremely inspiring person because although cancer has had an impact on your life for many years now, you are not letting it take over/ruin the time that you do have. Instead, you continue to stay positive and offer positive support to others, which is a truly admirable thing. It is inevitable that everyone is going to pass away, so why not make the best of the time that you do have for yourself, and others, to cherish. This post reminds me of my father because he was diagnosed with oral cancer, then they told him that the cancer was benign. Not too long after, after someone thankfully reviewed the diagnosis, the doctors realized that the cancer was not benign. This was overwhelming for my my family, and my father especially. More research should go into early detection of cancer. The shoe store, Finish Line, is promoting to advancement of cancer research by selling live strong bracelets for $1. Although $1 is not much, every little bit counts, which is why I decided to buy my shoes from Finish Line with the additional purchase of the bracelet rather than at Olympia. I wish the best of luck to you and hope that you continue to inspire yourself and others to never stop believing. Thank you.

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