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Welcome,and I am so sorry to not have kept you updated.
This time,no news,WAS,good news.
I saw my doctor that looks after my lung cancer,and after the chest x-ray,he informed me that,wait for it......No regrowth of the two inch tumor in my lung has occurred.Yes,Yes,Thank you God!.
This is past the five year mark for my lung cancer.There are very few lung cancer survivors.I am very blessed.
I still do not take anything for granted.I still do not wish for anything,I am comfortably numb.
I do not mean I am not moving,because,as of lately I have had new energy.I know that with the latest news on the cancer,I feel more positive about a future.Maybe not a long one,but maybe a little longer then was first thought.
I am still on hold for a few things yet though.I lost one of my kidneys about a year ago,and so now,I have to keep getting tests to make sure my other one,and only one is functioning properly.I worry lots if I get pains in my back or side,I still have lots of heart problems too,but…