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LUNG CANCER:Desperate Times,Desperate Measures

I would like to take you to some emotional and physical aspects on your journey through Lung Cancer.

There are trials and tribulations.This blog is about some of mine,and not necessarily going to be the same as you.

Most of you that visit are living with cancer or know someone who is.Lung Cancer is only one of the cancers out there.Lung Cancer is the leading cause of death .

I had no idea I had lung cancer.Sure,I had been a smoker for a number of years and I had a bad cough,but even then,it just never occurred to me.I guess I thought that I was too young to die and that it only happened to older people.I had also been given a diagnosis of pneumonia for the prior three months.

I didn't cry when the surgeon told me.I just listened to my options.I decided within minutes that I would have the surgery to remove a 2" tumor from my lung.

I was at the hospital two weeks later on an operating table.The surgeon said my odds were not that great to make the operation,as I had high blood press…

I Cried because I had no shoes,until....


Yes,I have been crying on here for three years now.I have been reading a lot of lung cancer blogs because it makes me feel like I am not the only one dealing with this disease.I was reading a story about a lady named "Doreen',and she writes a beautiful story.I had no idea how well off I was compared to her and her families problem, and so many others,that are in worse shape than me.

I realise now that some people couldn't even type on here to be able to tell their side of things.

You can read "Dor 's " blogs at
There are lots of great stories there on all types of cancers.
she is listed under lung cancer and her blog is listed as lung cancer survivor 06.
Going back to the title of this story.
I cried because I had no shoes,until I saw a man with no feet.

I will change the subject now and would like to tell you that the CT of my Heart came back NORMAL.
I am so happy about that.I had to kind of laugh though when the heart doct…