I Cried because I had no shoes,until....


Yes,I have been crying on here for three years now.I have been reading a lot of lung cancer blogs because it makes me feel like I am not the only one dealing with this disease.I was reading a story about a lady named "Doreen',and she writes a beautiful story.I had no idea how well off I was compared to her and her families problem, and so many others,that are in worse shape than me.

I realise now that some people couldn't even type on here to be able to tell their side of things.

You can read "Dor 's " blogs at
There are lots of great stories there on all types of cancers.
she is listed under lung cancer and her blog is listed as lung cancer survivor 06.
Going back to the title of this story.
I cried because I had no shoes,until I saw a man with no feet.

I will change the subject now and would like to tell you that the CT of my Heart came back NORMAL.
I am so happy about that.I had to kind of laugh though when the heart doctor,of course not realising I had lung cancer,says";You are going to live a long life."That would have been wonderful,but the reality is not that.
I have started getting severe headaches and I am vomiting regularly now.I have one more test to come.I had a CT scan of my Brain scheduled for March.I just didn't want to deal with it then,so I cancelled.
My doctors and me all expect that with my symptoms,I most likely have a "Brain Tumor".
I have just recently found this out.
The pain is so intense in my head that I can't even be in any light , and the sound of a pin dropping would make me screech.
I am just taking aspirin now,but I See my GP in a week and we will go from there,again!

Sad news about "Farrah Fawcett" last week and we also lost "Micheal Jackson".All of us older ones are losing lots of people we cared about.
I would like to Thank You all for bearing with my lack of posts,I will try to keep up more.

Til then...Remember




Daria said…
Yes there are many people struggling with cancer ... thank you for sharing your story ... my thought is that we help each other get through it.

All the best to you,
Crabby Woman said…
Hello Believe,

I have been through much of your archives today and am amazed to see how strong you have been.

My husband was just diagnosed with lung cancer and I have been searching the web trying to find as much information as I can.

Your story gives me hope that it may be possible to fight this. That is a welcome relief from all the poor statistics I have read.
Tobacco said…
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