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Friday, February 29, 2008


The pain is back.This is happening too fast now.
I just wrote a post on here a couple of days ago and all seemed to be well.
I have been feeling very tired lately,and more short of breath than usual.
I thought that I was just getting down because of the long winter.
The pain seems to radiate through all my back.There is no cough,so I do not suspect pneumonia.
I am scared.
I heard that Lung Cancer was a very painful end.I do not know how strong I can be through this uncomfortable time.
I am starting to see the other side of this cancer.
I started having back aches four years ago.I thought that perhaps it was the sitting at the computer.I got a new bed,thinking it was the mattress.
The doctors gave me all sorts of muscle relaxants,pain killers and even physio therapy.
I went continuously to my doctor almost raging with trying to explain the pain.
I also suffered waves of nausea over this time as well.It was and still is not unusual for me to have the waves several times a day.
I think that after my lung cancer diagnosis all of the mentioned symptoms seemed to add up.
I have mentioned before that I have tried to educate myself on the internet,as best as I could ,with regard to emphysema,lung cancer,and cirrhosis of the liver.
I can tell you now,that knowing things does NOT make it any easier.
I have a loving and kind family around me,but you know what?This is something that we have to do on our own.
I am in limbo as to when I must seek medical help.
I am hoping that each day in the next week or so will bring some relief to my back and lungs.
I have both lung cancer and empysema,so it is hard to tell which one is really giving me the problem.
My xray showed No return of the cnacerous tissue around my lung.My chest seemed clear to the doctor a month ago.
I will wait this weekend ,and if I am still feeling like this I will head to the emerg.
I am sorry to whine ,but...
This lung thing sure hurts....
Til next time



Thursday, February 21, 2008


As the time draws by this time of year ,I tend to go back,I do try to go forward most of the time,but this is different.

Most of you that are coming to this site are looking for some answers.

I do not profess to have them.

I have tried to relay some of the emotional changes as well as physical differences that you might encounter when diagnosed with "Lung Cancer".
Please read my previous posts.

I feel like I am writing backwards in time,because of the archiving system.

Before I start to scare you,let me tell you this.

I would do it over again tomorrow,without any hesitation,if it would extend my chances for a longer life.

Following is the morning scenario of a lung operation for Cancer.

It is four oclock in the morning and 35 degrees below zero outside.I am awake.I really do not think I slept.
I manage to dress myself.
It feels strange not putting on any make up.We leave the house at five,in the dark down the highway.
I am so thankful that my husband is driving.I am sure I would not have been able to focus.
I am early for check in for the operation.The nurses are not even there yet.
I wait an hour to be taken upstairs.That hour seemed like a week.
They tell me upstairs that they will do the prep right in the operating room.I am given something to help me relax.
I remember the operating room as I went in and then I saw it when I went out.
You do not feel any pain.
Modern medicine and surgeries are wonderful these days.
I spent more time fearing that I would die on the table.
I was taken to my room.
I had an epidural for pain control,a catheter,iv's and a tube inserted in my chest.
The chest tube,as I understood,was to drain any clots that would cause future problems.
The tube remained in me for 2 days.It was removed with no pain.
I felt fine afterwards.I had some discomfort.
I had twenty-0ne stitches across my back,where they had cut me to get at the lung.
It was a bit uncomfortable,but that was the least of my concerns at that time.
I was ALIVE!
I was tied to a lot of machinary,but I felt like I could have gone right home.
I had not encountered any problems.
I would see the doctor in two months after they received the pathology report.
The two inch tumor was cancerous,but they had managed to get it out before it had spread into the other tissues.
Now I am here,today.
I have spent a lot of time educating myself on preventions,cures and clinical trials,on the internet.
Each person that has encountered the "spot on the lung" situation, will be dealing with it in many different ways.
Before I keep repeating myself though,Please check out my other posts.I am sure you will find something of interest.

Til Next Time



Friday, February 01, 2008


My chest xray showed that the cancer had NOT returned,as of yet.My Dr. looked at the xray from four months ago and compared it to todays and said no recurrence anywhere else,so far.He said everything was good.

Thank you all for the comments and letters of support.You dont know how many times I read the comments,and I feel caring and hope all round me.

This appointment was important to me in many ways.

I am going to be 57 soon.I do not think that that is old.I have had visions of being on respirators and lung things.I have been down , thinking I was living on borrowed time.

This day is the "Defining Moment".

I am really getting this feeling that this is HOPE for a bit of a future.

The doctor,aka surgeon,said that because he caught my cancer early and managed to get the carcinoma tumor cut out,that I had a very good chance of survival for now.

They had discovered this 2 inch tumor on February 1 of 2006.I had a lobe removed on Feb.28th.

I was very blessed.I had a family doctor that got through to the surgeon before the normal channels lost me in the cracks.

I entered the surgery with a 20% risk of death during the operation.

He said"100 people will go into the OR. and only 80 will come out.

Well,I had to take the operation or risk the cancer spreading further.

I am strong,I guess because I am a mother,and I have had to be.

I was scared,I was in shock.I can say now that

That was Then,This is now.

Many others diagnosed with lung cancer,will have their cancer found too late to be operatable.

I would just like to say to keep up on your doctors appointment.If you do not feel well,Tell someone.

It is usually our nature to think that it will Never happen to us.Be smart!

Educate yourself on the internet.Ask your doctor questions.Write them down and put them on his desk.Most doctors would prefer the concern you, yourself take.

Again,Thank You all for staying with me on this.

I am,unfortunatly still dealing with a lot of physical problems.

My emphysema has gotten a little worse.The "Fibromalgia" is at times a burden for discomfort.

I am however NOT in the hospital.

The sun is shining today,outside and in,and I am Thankful for this little bit more time I have been given.

SO til next time remember....

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