My chest xray showed that the cancer had NOT returned,as of yet.My Dr. looked at the xray from four months ago and compared it to todays and said no recurrence anywhere else,so far.He said everything was good.

Thank you all for the comments and letters of support.You dont know how many times I read the comments,and I feel caring and hope all round me.

This appointment was important to me in many ways.

I am going to be 57 soon.I do not think that that is old.I have had visions of being on respirators and lung things.I have been down , thinking I was living on borrowed time.

This day is the "Defining Moment".

I am really getting this feeling that this is HOPE for a bit of a future.

The doctor,aka surgeon,said that because he caught my cancer early and managed to get the carcinoma tumor cut out,that I had a very good chance of survival for now.

They had discovered this 2 inch tumor on February 1 of 2006.I had a lobe removed on Feb.28th.

I was very blessed.I had a family doctor that got through to the surgeon before the normal channels lost me in the cracks.

I entered the surgery with a 20% risk of death during the operation.

He said"100 people will go into the OR. and only 80 will come out.

Well,I had to take the operation or risk the cancer spreading further.

I am strong,I guess because I am a mother,and I have had to be.

I was scared,I was in shock.I can say now that

That was Then,This is now.

Many others diagnosed with lung cancer,will have their cancer found too late to be operatable.

I would just like to say to keep up on your doctors appointment.If you do not feel well,Tell someone.

It is usually our nature to think that it will Never happen to us.Be smart!

Educate yourself on the internet.Ask your doctor questions.Write them down and put them on his desk.Most doctors would prefer the concern you, yourself take.

Again,Thank You all for staying with me on this.

I am,unfortunatly still dealing with a lot of physical problems.

My emphysema has gotten a little worse.The "Fibromalgia" is at times a burden for discomfort.

I am however NOT in the hospital.

The sun is shining today,outside and in,and I am Thankful for this little bit more time I have been given.

SO til next time remember....

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It will give you more of a view of how this blog was started.




Juliette Wer said…
There are those of us who live through it. I have been looking for people who survived cancer because many my family members didn't and I thought this is something I might have to deal with one day.
But there are many people out there who had it many years ago and they still are okay. I noticed that they have few things in common - They were lucky to find good doctors, they love life and they have positive attitude. Many of them also removed all the negative people from their lives during the times when they were ill and surrounded themselves with people who support and motivate them. My therapist who recovered from cancer and has been okay for many years says that she also stopped watching all the TV apart from few movies which made her feel uplifted.
I hope this helps. I am in London and it is sunny today also. I hope you will be okay. All the best

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