Thursday, September 06, 2012

Facing the Facts or Not?

Welcome back my faithful loyal readers.My delay in writing is good news.
I have survived another summer,and have enjoyed every minute of it.I postponed all my doctor appointments,(which you shouldn't do),and decided that I would stay worry free for a few months.I still have my bad days and the pains get bad now and again ,but the diagnosis the doctors give me,make me worse.
It truly seems that when I think I have one situation of my problems fixed another pops up.I am falling apart a little at a time.
Yes,We all need to face the facts and start to try to make changes in our lives when we have a fatal disease such as lung cancer,heart,kidney or other problems.I do face the truth everyday but sometimes I just don't feel I want to waste time in
Lung Cancer is Brutal.I am so far a very blessed person to have survived my diagnosis in 2006.I do have other areas of cancer as well as lung that I am dealing with now as well.Lung cancer spreads so rapidly to the other organs such as brain and liver.My liver is still doing alright,and ,although my friends might sometimes disagree with me,I am sound in the brain area.My problem seems to be the genetic spread of cancer.I have been treated previously for cervical cancer in the late 90's and am now waiting results from a biopsy of the womb.I have also a few breast cysts that are being checked into.
Now,the list goes on.Would you like to wake up everyday and think  about that "things to do list"?
I still have a date with myself by the end of the month to prepare for all the doctor,patient routine for winter.
So....til then,I will sit back,enjoy a breath of fresh air,and face the facts tomorrow.

til then

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