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Doctors appointment went well.Thank you all for your blessings and concerns.
Special Thanks to Karen at .
It is a great site with a lot of personal looks on lung diseases.
My cancer still remains at Stage1.Next appoitnment in September,so I can exhale for awhile now.
I did it again.I made promises to myself as I sat in the doctors waiting room,waiting for the x-ray.Now I think I will make a promise never to make a promise.
Second chances are a blessing.Nine chances are a miracle.
I have written about all the bullets I have dodged,in my last posts.I will recap.
1.1996-I was schedules for breast surgery.An angel came in the form of the doctor.She decided she would take a look for herself and discovered that there were six cysts causing the lump and she aspirated them.I walked out an hour later,in tact.
2.1999.I woke up one morning and thought I had had a stroke.I went to the emergency and they diagnosed"Bells Palsy'.It is a very crippling disease.I w…