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Counting my Blessings,Again

My lung cancer has not spread,as far as I know.My breathing is short,but I still have breath.My fibromalgia is under control,and I have not had an angina attack for months.
YES,I am COUNTING my Blessings.One by One , Day by Day.

This time on here a couple of years ago I was thankful for being alive.I am not only thankful now I am amazed that I have gone this long ,this well,with the lung cancer and cirrhosis.

I see my lung doctor on November 18th.I will always be afraid of that day.I will sit in that waiting room,and I will make promises again to myself.
I will promise to cherish everyday and every moment with my loved ones.I will pray inside that the cancer has not spread to the lymph nodes or to my liver.
I will pray that I have one more chance.

I will sit down tonight with my family and enjoy our Thanksgiving.

Thank you to all of you that have kept following me on this,you have all been my angels.

Please take care of yourselves.
Happy Thanks Giving to all my Canad…


Lung Cancer,Lung Cancer,Lung Cancer,that is all we seems to hear about lately.
Is this fatal disease running rampant?

I think it is wonderful that more people are aware ,but I also think that we are not looking in the right places for a cure or fast enough.There are over 160,000 new cases of lung diseases diagnosed every year.That is in America alone.

This fatal ailment does not just happen to other people,or people that smoke.
Smoking does not cause lung cancer.
There are many reasons we get cancer.There are cases where inhalation of chemicals,asbestos,coal mining dust etc,can cause lung cancer.

In my case I was not surprised at the diagnosis.I had been a smoker of 44 years.I got my punishment for that.
When I was diagnosed with "Cirrhosis of the Liver",I quit drinking.

I cant say I am doing very well,with the smoking.

After my mom passed away a couple of months ago,I got weak.I started the odd puff here and there,and now I am really afraid I could be so stupid to add salt to the…