Lung Cancer,Lung Cancer,Lung Cancer,that is all we seems to hear about lately.
Is this fatal disease running rampant?

I think it is wonderful that more people are aware ,but I also think that we are not looking in the right places for a cure or fast enough.There are over 160,000 new cases of lung diseases diagnosed every year.That is in America alone.

This fatal ailment does not just happen to other people,or people that smoke.
Smoking does not cause lung cancer.
There are many reasons we get cancer.There are cases where inhalation of chemicals,asbestos,coal mining dust etc,can cause lung cancer.

In my case I was not surprised at the diagnosis.I had been a smoker of 44 years.I got my punishment for that.
When I was diagnosed with "Cirrhosis of the Liver",I quit drinking.

I cant say I am doing very well,with the smoking.

After my mom passed away a couple of months ago,I got weak.I started the odd puff here and there,and now I am really afraid I could be so stupid to add salt to the wound.

I am very strong though and I think intelligent to know that I will again succeed at quitting permanently,this time.

One of my oncologists, has now suggested that I have a "Hiatia Hernia".That is when a small part of the intestine pushes out from it is supposed to stay.
This one surprises me.I was worrying about my chest scan on November 1st to see if the cancer has metastasis in my lung,now this.

This is an unexpected diagnosis.
I am still in the middle of the cancer spreading in my nodes in my neck.I am still seeing a doctor about my COPD,I am seeing another to check if cancer has spread to my bones.I will get the bone scan done soon for that.
I am thankful to be alive after all I have gone through,but now I pray it stops for awhile.
I am really getting sick and tired of being sick and tired.
My motivation level is slowly putting me to the test.
I do promise myself though that I will see this through,as best as I can.

Thank You all for your letters and comments.
I feel your deepest thoughts.

Even if this story got you down ...just remember....




Kimberly said…
Thank you for sharing your story on your blog. I've had chronic lung issues (they keep diagnosing it as pneumonia- 18 times now), and I just don't buy it, as I am very chronically ill. After reading your blog, I'm going to tell them to figure this out once and for all. Thank you. Please, hang in there and fight with all you've got! I'll be watching your blog for more updates.

(BTW, I've also got a hiatus hernia... Mine causes severe acid reflux, which has ruined my teeth, and caused severe damage to my esophagus, possibly causing a pre-cancerous condition. My grandfather passed of esophageal cancer, so I worry about that. Watch that hernia!)

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