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Yes,I still have stage 1 "Lung Cancer".The name of this condition is scary in itself.It sure makes you feel like there is no point in trying to move on,when the odds are so against you in this Fatal disease. I can tell you now,Please do not ever feel that way. I have spent the last seventeen months thinking I was dying every minute of everyday.What a waste of time. They say you go through certain stages of grief. I had the ANGER when I was told I needed an operation to remove the cancerous tumor on my lung.It was at a stage in my life where I finally had time for me.My kids had moved out and my husband had retired.I was mad because it would take time to heal,and I was afraid that I wouldn't.I knew I would have to slow down,and I knew that my spirit had been killed. I am still in DENIAL,but only when I need to be,to get me through.I have learned that if we" think it so be it". When I do wake up in the morning and I do not think of death,that is my way of pretending th…