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Diagnosis: LUNG CANCER

Welcome,For those of you that are new to my site,and perhaps some regulars,I have decided to do a re-cap on the last 4 months.
I believe I have been drifting into other areas of emotion lately,rather than explaining why I am here.
Emotion is the very biggest part of this for me,but I will remind you all medically why I am here in the first place.

In October of 2005, aroutine chest x-ray revealed a spot on my lung.A CT scan was then taken on January 26th 2006.My doctor called me into his office on February1st.I was to see a surgeon February15th.Well.I figured it was to see about a small biopsy ,just to see if there was anything to worry about.Well, Surprise,Surprise.A ten minute discussion revealed to me that he would perform a "Lobectomy" on my lung on February28th.Whoa,just a minute here,I could hear myself thinking and sinking.That ,I believe is when the shock set in and is still the same shock as with me now.
Grant it,I have come a long way.I was very blessed in my case.T…

You can Bitch,You can Cry,but you cant RUN!

The "emphysema is starting to show itself
I went from walking the mall to not getting to the car to get to the mall.
I have always had plans to visit Las Vegas,and walk the famous"strip". I suppose I can't.Goes to show we should "Do it Now" in our lives and not put everything off til tomorrow.What good is planning?
I do have plans for tommorow.I am having a "core biopsy" done on my breast.The after math warnings are reading to me a lot more scariar than my "Lobectomy,"{the removal of a lobe on the lung}.
The warnings consist of bleeding and/or infection.That is not the bad part.The real hard blow comes when they get the results.
When I get the dreaded results that there is malignancy,I again will have to face some curves in the road.
I was blessed and fortunate to have survived,so far, the Lobectomy and the lung cancer,I just Pray my spirits will stay up to get through this round again.
I will of course be reading and educa…

Just a little more time,SOMETIME,Please!

LUNG CANCER:One more month,one more week,Please Lord,just one more day.
I seem to be running so fast and going nowhere slowly.There seems to be so much more that I want to be accomplished,so much more to do.The thing is...I do not know what that is yet.Sure ,there are the basics.I must see that as a mother, I have left my children good memories of me.I must assure my husband that every moment I have spent with him was never wasted.I must give calls to everyone that I remember that have helped or touched me in my life.I must,I must.
I also MUST remember to remember myself through all this .SOMETIMES , now I want to stop and just reflect on what has happened to me so quickly.SOMETIMES, I want to be selfish and rest.SOMETIMES, I don't want to think of anything but flowers and sunshine,and SOMETIMES, I just don't want to Think!
Lately,as I feel that I don't accomplish everything I want to,I feel a little let down.
I know I am doing well ,with what I have done,but I hope I never st…


Yes!The title is for real.If you are new here and have not read my previous posts I will update you.

In May2002,I was diagnosed with" cirrhosis of the liver".I was a heavy drinker at the time, and with the fact that I hardly ate I was down to 89lbs.The Dr. said I had maybe 3 months to live if I didnt stop drinking.Well, my right mind set in and I was able to quit the drinking.
My doctors were amazed at my recovery as I looked and felt a 100% better.
By this time also ,I was having shortness of breath,but I was so happy in my sobriety ,that I didnt pay attention.That was in 2004.
Time went on ,[mind you,I fought every day to stay sober} and then in October 2005 I got a call from my doctor,saying The EKG showed a Heart attack! Well,then the tests began.I had a pulmonary function test.The test measures breathing capacities.Well,I Failed.An xray was ordered of my chest and I was told there was a spot on my lung.
Well,My mom was coming for christmas that year and no way did I want to …