Just a little more time,SOMETIME,Please!

LUNG CANCER:One more month,one more week,Please Lord,just one more day.
I seem to be running so fast and going nowhere slowly.There seems to be so much more that I want to be accomplished,so much more to do.The thing is...I do not know what that is yet.Sure ,there are the basics.I must see that as a mother, I have left my children good memories of me.I must assure my husband that every moment I have spent with him was never wasted.I must give calls to everyone that I remember that have helped or touched me in my life.I must,I must.
I also MUST remember to remember myself through all this .SOMETIMES , now I want to stop and just reflect on what has happened to me so quickly.SOMETIMES, I want to be selfish and rest.SOMETIMES, I don't want to think of anything but flowers and sunshine,and SOMETIMES, I just don't want to Think!
Lately,as I feel that I don't accomplish everything I want to,I feel a little let down.
I know I am doing well ,with what I have done,but I hope I never stop trying.
SOMETIMES,I just wish I had a little more TIME.



KnitNana said…
And you must give yourself the time to rest...
Thank you for stopping by my blog. My aunt did not have the options you seem to have medically. I'll keep you in my prayers.

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