Yes!The title is for real.If you are new here and have not read my previous posts I will update you.

In May2002,I was diagnosed with" cirrhosis of the liver".I was a heavy drinker at the time, and with the fact that I hardly ate I was down to 89lbs.The Dr. said I had maybe 3 months to live if I didnt stop drinking.Well, my right mind set in and I was able to quit the drinking.
My doctors were amazed at my recovery as I looked and felt a 100% better.
By this time also ,I was having shortness of breath,but I was so happy in my sobriety ,that I didnt pay attention.That was in 2004.
Time went on ,[mind you,I fought every day to stay sober} and then in October 2005 I got a call from my doctor,saying The EKG showed a Heart attack! Well,then the tests began.I had a pulmonary function test.The test measures breathing capacities.Well,I Failed.An xray was ordered of my chest and I was told there was a spot on my lung.
Well,My mom was coming for christmas that year and no way did I want to find out any bad news.
I waited til January 26th to have a CT scan.February 1st my Dr. called and said I was to see a surgeon on Feb.15th.He arranged for a "LOBECTOMY"{removal of a lobe of the lung}on February 28th.
I made it!!! AGAIN.
I am here to tell you basically that there is some HOPE, after Diagnosis ,for some people who are fortunate enough to be diagnosed early enough.
I am a very possitive person and I believe that Attitudes play a great role in Recovery.

Thank You for coming by,and please,Read my previous posts.

Believe B.C


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