You can Bitch,You can Cry,but you cant RUN!

The "emphysema is starting to show itself
I went from walking the mall to not getting to the car to get to the mall.
I have always had plans to visit Las Vegas,and walk the famous"strip". I suppose I can't.Goes to show we should "Do it Now" in our lives and not put everything off til tomorrow.What good is planning?
I do have plans for tommorow.I am having a "core biopsy" done on my breast.The after math warnings are reading to me a lot more scariar than my "Lobectomy,"{the removal of a lobe on the lung}.
The warnings consist of bleeding and/or infection.That is not the bad part.The real hard blow comes when they get the results.
When I get the dreaded results that there is malignancy,I again will have to face some curves in the road.
I was blessed and fortunate to have survived,so far, the Lobectomy and the lung cancer,I just Pray my spirits will stay up to get through this round again.
I will of course be reading and educating my self on "breast cancer and the options of treatment.I would like to have choices this time as to my treatment.
I am fully aware that this is not going to be a bed of roses,but I am fully aware also that I am quite prepared.Now,That is a up viewpoint to leave you on for now.
Til next time
Please Take Care of Yourself.




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