Diagnosis: LUNG CANCER

Welcome,For those of you that are new to my site,and perhaps some regulars,I have decided to do a re-cap on the last 4 months.
I believe I have been drifting into other areas of emotion lately,rather than explaining why I am here.
Emotion is the very biggest part of this for me,but I will remind you all medically why I am here in the first place.

In October of 2005, aroutine chest x-ray revealed a spot on my lung.A CT scan was then taken on January 26th 2006.My doctor called me into his office on February1st.I was to see a surgeon February15th.Well.I figured it was to see about a small biopsy ,just to see if there was anything to worry about.Well, Surprise,Surprise.A ten minute discussion revealed to me that he would perform a "Lobectomy" on my lung on February28th.Whoa,just a minute here,I could hear myself thinking and sinking.That ,I believe is when the shock set in and is still the same shock as with me now.
Grant it,I have come a long way.I was very blessed in my case.Two times over.I made the operation,which were not good odds.I was able to be operated on as my cancer was caught at an early stage ,and had not spread.
I still have shotness of breath and my EMPHYSEMA seems to be in the forfront lately.The loss of a third of my lung did not help the breathing ,but saved my Life.
Emotionally,I try to take things day by day.I still make plans for the future ,as that keeps me going.
I am fit and able,mentally and physically ,and to see me you would never know anything was wrong.
I recovered completely from the operation,very quickly.

Next step now for me is the follow-up appointments that will keep up to date with the CANCER returning in my LUNG,BREAST,BRAIN or other places.
Not a lot to look forward to,with that respect,but for now I look forward to today!
I hope ,and suggest you read my previous posts for more explanations of why I am able to be here.





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