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Lung Cancer and All Those Doctor Visits

This post is just my personal experience on my doctor visits.I have read a lot of clinical information on the net.I have followed clinical research on my cancer..When the doctor told me I had lung cancer,I was on the internet for hours every day.What was really happening with my body?What has caused it to want to die?

I therefore consider myself to have some knowledge of the medical facts with regard to my lung cancer.

I have a non-small cell stage 1.I have had a lobe of my lung successfully removed and I am in my 42nd month of clear check ups.
My Doctor has saved my life,truthfully,a few times in the last 15 years.
He listens to me.
He was able to pick up from the symptoms I gave him and head me off to see a specialist in the required field of my ailment.For example;I found a lump in my breast and within a week ,I had a mammogram,and a biopsy,which Thank God,revealed that it was not cancer.He believed me and he acted on that.One other time,he knew that I was drinking a lot.He suggested I…

TIME;Is it Running Out?

Tomorrow morning I have to have a CT scan to look for a brain tumor.I am very worried about getting the results for this test.

Lately,I have acquired headaches.I guess headaches are pretty common,but I have never really had a problem with them myself.

My waves of nausea,which I have had for four years,are turning into vomiting.I have also been having uncontrolled spasms in my hands and feet.

Three of my oncologists have agreed that the symptoms call for a further review,hence the scan of the brain.

I have read that Brain Cancer is common as a secondary cancer to lung cancer.I suppose it is because they are close to each other.

I have also read that Brain Cancer kills you fast.

One has so many problems dealing with dying physically,and to have the responsibility of putting everything in order so quickly before you die,just throws me.

My God,I have been dealing with dying for 7 years now,and I have complained.I am alive now and I have had that time,so my heart goes out to those that were not g…