Lung Cancer and All Those Doctor Visits

This post is just my personal experience on my doctor visits.I have read a lot of clinical information on the net.I have followed clinical research on my cancer..When the doctor told me I had lung cancer,I was on the internet for hours every day.What was really happening with my body?What has caused it to want to die?

I therefore consider myself to have some knowledge of the medical facts with regard to my lung cancer.

I have a non-small cell stage 1.I have had a lobe of my lung successfully removed and I am in my 42nd month of clear check ups.
My Doctor has saved my life,truthfully,a few times in the last 15 years.
He listens to me.
He was able to pick up from the symptoms I gave him and head me off to see a specialist in the required field of my ailment.For example;I found a lump in my breast and within a week ,I had a mammogram,and a biopsy,which Thank God,revealed that it was not cancer.He believed me and he acted on that.One other time,he knew that I was drinking a lot.He suggested I see a specialist,again,and the specialist saved my life.I was diagnosed with Cirrhosis of the Liver.I was on the edge of death. I didn't get there a minute too soon,or a minute too late.I stopped drinking after that scare and have remained sober with a regenerated liver for the last seven years.
Yes,Communication with your doctor is one of the best life savers there is.
Doctors have too many patients now days,and really no patience.Pardon the pun.They do not have the time to really spend listening to all our aches and pains and every other problems we have. My suggestion is,to write things down.Don't make a big list,and in fact just concentrate on getting to the point with your physician as quickly as you can.I know of a lot of doctors that do not let their patients do too much of the talking,and that I think is a big mistake.
I like and appreciate when doctors show RESPECT for ME.I like when a doctor shakes my hand.I like when they take the time to listen.
I find some doctors,like other professions,have attitudes.I have noticed the disgust in their faces,when they know that I smoked .I have felt stereo typed when they have read my file that says I was a drinker.I sometimes feel that that is when we fall between the cracks.
When I was first diagnosed with lung cancer,it felt like the doctor was just telling me something he says everyday.He showed no emotion.It was so matter of fact.I agree though that at that point it was urgent to operate rather than talk.I had a two week warning before they cut the right lobe of my lung off and also removed a two inch tumor.
Wow!That was all so fast it seems when I look back at it now.The emotional dealing with this is the hardest part.I have never had a councillor or anyone ever suggest to me to join a group of others in my situation.I have not received any emotional help from the medical system.
I have dealt with my cancer through you,the readers.I have been able to write about what I am feeling,and I am now starting to feel some relief.
I am also thinking of a start up with others in my area,perhaps one night a week,just to talk about that hard word to say .the "C" word.
My advise to you who have recently been diagnosed is;Get a GOOD DOCTOR!Be informed about your condition.And,The most important of all,find someone to talk to,or find an outlet for that silent pain.
and Remember.....




TopBlueBirdKat said…
I have an out-of-body man with me who deserves to get to Heaven soon; I tell you this so that you know that Heaven and the afterlife exists, and that not all people enter Heaven immediately. I hope you don't feel upset by my message, and hope that it gives you reason to believe in life after life, and God (the sky didn't design itself).

This man is anxiety ridden and worried. I haven't been able to help him, and he cannot leave my body, because he has become too scared. He needs help to leave. Please tell anyone in Heaven that he is here with me. My name is Josephine, and I live in Essex, England.

I wish you well, but am realistic that bodies don't last forever. Bless you for any help you can give.
Lung cancer is quiet a common disease. It ranks ranks second in the listing for the most widespread form of cancer in US. Smokers and non-smokers both can develop lung cancer. Common symptoms are: persistent cough, chest pain, puffiness in face, neck, weight reduction, exhaustion.

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